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How should you tell a cat what to do?

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My cat sleeps on the screened porch at night time. I let her into the house where she should run through straight to the back door to go out and play in the yard for the day.

Sometimes she runs away into bedrooms. What should I do to direct her to the back door.

Should I hiss or shout or speak loudly? What is the best thing to do?
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Shouting really doesn't do anything. What about shutting doors to rooms she shouldn't enter? Maybe leave a trail of treats out for her to follow to the back door?

Is she spayed? She really shouldn't be outside at all if she can get pregnant.
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Treats. Either a bag that will have a distinct crinkle or a can that will rattle. The combination of the noise from the treat container and you calling your cat should make her come. Maybe make sure to say "back door" or "out" as you're calling her so she associates the words with going outside.

I have mine trained to all go to the bedroom when I clap my hands and say "Bedroom!". I've impressed guests who have never seen a cat follow any sort of command.
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You can't really "tell" a cat to do anything, but you can train them by taking away the temptation to explore and encouraging the positive behavior you desire. The previous posters have given you some really good ideas.
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Seems she dreads that back yard for whatever reason. Remember, most cats like to sleep about 12 to 18 hours a day in a nice comfortable place.

Or maybe she just wants a bit of love and attention from you. It's no fun being a cat when your whole life is just sleeping on a portch and then going out into a yard to play, and being brought in ONLY when others have a few minutes of time to play. Cats often get bored pretty fast when they are on their own.

Instead of just opening the door so she can run out to the back yard, pet her for awhile until she purrs, talk to her, play gently with her a little, and then walk out the back door with her as she chases a string or whatever. This will cause both of you to bond to one another as well.

Also, when you let her out, make sure she always has food, water, in a nice comfortable place protected from heat, cold, wet weather, wind, and direct sun if she's going to be there for some time. Or you could have some food literally "waiting" for her outside so that she can hardly wait to go to the back yard to see what goodies are in her dish. Maybe you could put a few treats in there.

To be honest though, most cats prefer to sleep in the house in the soft cozy bed of their favourite human. While some people portray cats as being aloof it's pretense for the most part. Most are independant but they really do love to be close to their favourite owners. Some cats love to be so close to them that they will literally follow them from room to room if the owners will be there for awhile.
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Putting some sort of treat for her outside the back door before you want to let her in would help but you will have to show her the treats and after only a few days I bet she will pick up on the fact that it is always there and go right to it.

You are going to want to use something special at first that she will remember tomorrow!

I like tuna fish with a little catnip mixed in .

Good Luck!

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