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did I screw up? (non-cat topic) - longish

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Looking for opinions on this.

Yesterday was one of the slowest days I've had at work since I started... Appointment number 1 forgot about me and didn't show. Appointment number 2 came early (at my request), appointment number 3 is the one I'm now beating myself up for. I called the owners of a sweet Lhassa Apso to see if they could bring their dog in early. The daughter (who answered the phone) told me her father was out with the car, but that she'd let him know as soon as he got home to bring the dog over. So I wait... and wait... and wait... their scheduled appointment time rolls around, but no client... 15 minutes, 20 minutes and I call. No answer. 35 minutes late, the client waltzes in with the dog. I turn him away (politely), explaining I can't get his dog done before my next appointment. So he goes home, annoyed.

Did I do the right thing? In retrospect, I probably COULD have finished the dog in time, but it annoyed me that he showed up late without calling and expected me to bend over backwards for him...
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I don't think you did anything wrong. It is very rude of someone to show up late to an appointment, then expect to get the service at the expense of making someone else wait. If someone is over 15 minutes late for an appointment with me, they lose their deposit unless they call and let me know they are going to be late or reschedule.
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Well, the proper and polite thing to do would be to CALL and let you know he was going to be late, especially since you went out of your way to make an effort to contact them and confirm the meeting, and even see if they could come in early.

If he was 35 minutes late from his original appointment, and didn't bother to call then it is his OWN fault that you couldn't fit him into the schedule.
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Are you in business for yourself? While I don't think you were wrong to turn him away, you said that you could have completed the dog in time. The only thing I would say, especially if this is your own business, is that you would have scored more points making this customer happy by squeezing him in, rather rhan annoying him. You know that sometimes bad press goes a long way.
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I would agree and also if you are working for someone it doesn't bode well with them to have an employee turn away business. Did you ask him why he was late? He could have been held up in a construction zone or something? Perhaps next time, you could extend a cup of coffee his way, ask about his day and still do the animal and perhaps this kindness would work in your favor? If this lateness happens chronically, then maybe you should tack on another fee of some sort to compensate you for your time?
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