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Our kitten is still skittish

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I am new here, we have taken in a stray kitten about 4 months old we have had him for almost a week now. I need some advice on how to help rascal adjust to the sounds of the old house. He is very very skittish about everything. He has adjusted to this as his home cause he eats well and what not. Any advice is appreciated
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Time and patience. Many strays experience this when rescued and it takes time (months or even years) for some to adjust to things. Usually kittens recover a lot faster then a stray adult cat. I'm sure if you give him a few more months, he will be fine.

Be sure to neuter/spay quickly. Kittens as young as 4 months old can breed and get pregnant.
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I agree, the main thing to do is give it time. Do you have any idea about where he was before? If he was a stray that just wandered along and picked you, then lord knows what he had to deal with before while living outside. I honestly don't think most of us would survive the way stray cats do. In time, he will feel more comfortable and settle down. Does he have a safe place to go to when he feels stressed? IE a separate room, corner, closet, etc? At this point, he probably needs somewhere where he feels completely safe and no one should bother him.

Also, I would recommend feliway.

Basically I agree it takes time and patience. Bless you for taking in the sweetheart and giving it a good home and a chance at life.
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We have had Ella for almost a year. She has steadily improved. Sometimes she'll sit on laps. She does sleep on the bed. But it's not hard to spook her, and if we do, she's skittish for a day or two. Cats are good about protecting themselves, and they really nead a calm, quiet environment to acclimate.

But ANY cat in a new environment will be skittish. You've done a good deed saving this kitty, and I hope it will be rewarded with the love he can give back to you.

Oddly enough, these developments go in spurts. He may be very skittish for week, then suddenly, in one day, become a lap cat. Who knows what goes on in these little peanut brains?
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Time and lots of patience as been said. You will see.
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Thank you all. Yep he has a special spot he spends time in but little by little the time spent in the corner behind the chair gets smaller and smaller. He loves his treats and often comes out for them. He is becoming more playful as of today. And has spent the majority of the day on the bed.
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