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Time Of Weaning

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My new kitten is about seven and a half week right now but he is still nursing for the mother.. He is eatting kibble a little, but not enough to fill him for the day.

I was wondering when he will stop nursing?
She only had the one kitten, so is that why he is still nursing?

And also .. He is using the litter we set up for him.. Its non-clumping right now.
How long until we can start switching it over to the regular clumping litter that we use for the mother?
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When I picked up a pregnant stray, she was still nursing her babies when we placed them at 10 weeks, and the one kitten we kept nursed until he was about 9 months old, when she went into heat again and chased him off. I don't know how long she would have let him nurse if we had had her spayed sooner.

I also have a feral mama cat in my spare bathroom awaiting her spay appointment, her kittens are about 15 weeks old now, and still nurse regularly. I don't think it's a problem at all. She'll make him stop when she's ready.

Are you feeding him any canned food? He's a bit young for munching dry kibble, so either moisten his kibble or give him canned food.

I think 4 months is the recommended age for using clumping litter.
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