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Kitten belly button query

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Eenie's dried up cord has fallen off last night, or was licked off by mummy, can't see it anywhere so she probably ate it?

The place where it was looks dry and there's no blood or anything, just a little red-pink dot where it used to be. Should I put anything on it? Disinfect it in any way? Or should I just leave it? Meenie's one is still in place.
He doesn't seem uncomfortable and is very well and plump otherwise.
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It's normal for them to have a little mark where the cord was attached. If there's no signs of bleeding or infection, just leave the area alone. In some older cats, say when you get them spayed, when you shave thier belly, you can still see the mark where the umbilical cord was
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Thanks alot, it does look clean and dry, but I wasn't sure if I had to do anything, cheers mate!
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How can you tell if they are boy or girl? I thought it was too early. I would love to know what mine are.

Sounds like your doing a great job with yours. Can't wait to see the pictures. Glad you also asked that question cause I was wondering the same thing but kinda figured Momma would dispose of it the way she has disposed of everything else.

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I can see my cat's belly button still, and he is 4 1/2. His fur never grew where his belly button is, it is very cute. But then again, I suppose that I am prejudiced when it comes to his cuteness!
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My vet told me that they are two boys but he did say this is not necessarily 100% accurate since it's so difficult to tell at this age!!
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