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Heated Pet Beds

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Has anyone tried them?
I want to get one for Ruby (not that I can afford one), she's been laying on my mom's heating pad at night (she leaved it on just for Ruby, really cute) and she's about to get all her matts shaved so she's going to be really chilly for a while. I did a search on ebay and they have some at about half price.
Just wondering if anyone's tried them and how well they work, how the cats like them.
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barn cat one year. I never saw him on it, but there was fur and muddy prints on it. I'd be very careful with the cat on the heating pad unattended. Nails can puncture a wire and that would not be good. I don't see why she would not like a heated bed. I know I would! It is in the 40's here this am and I refuse to put a fire in yet!!
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I was given a heated bed this week, and now can't get my youngest girl off it - I had tried her withe microwaveable heat pad when her arthritis was really bad last year, but she hated it. Unfortunately it is my eldest that is limping with arthritis!!
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They are used by my cat on a daily basis year round. They are very loved here!
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I bought a heated pet bed last fall and it got so much use I'm considering buying a second one this year. I thought it was going to be a flop at first when I had it down on the floor. After I put it up on the end of the couch, they started laying in it non stop.
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My friend's cats have heated cat beds. I heard they were pretty good, especially with winter coming along.
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I have pet heating pads in the girls' beds. They are cat magnets when the weather turns cool. I initially got one for my older girl who has arthritis because it keeps her more limber and in less pain during the cold weather. Our younger kitty discovered it one day and a fight ensued. So, I had to order another one! I still put a towel on top of the pad eventho it has a sheepskin cover just to be sure it doesn't get too hot for them and burn them. They are HUGE hits at my house.
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