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Tiki got tar on her paws!

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My husband painted the garage asphalt floor with some sort of black tar paint this evening. I let Tiki out a few hours later as I always do. When she came back, she was shaking her paws a lot. Then I was shocked to see all her four paws were pitch black. And then of course I noticed the faint black paw marks on the couch and the floor.

It's after midnight estern time, my husband already went to bed. So I tried to wash her paw the best I could using kitty shampoo and warm water by myself - luckily Tiki is somewhat cooperative. But the tar paint already half dried up and clumped the tufts of hairs between her toes. I didn't want to use paint thiner in case it will poison her. So I clipped all the clumps of hair tuft. But her paws and one of her leg are still blackish grey even after the clicking and shaving I have done I am just glad that she didn't try to lie down on the newly painted floor.

I am so upset. Tiki was licking her paws, tar paint can't be good for her, what are signs for poisoning that I should watch out for?Also what can I do to remove the tar black coloring on her fur safely? If there is nothing I can do. How long usually does it take for new hair to come out and replace the soiled ones? I was just boasting to a soon-to-visit relative how beautiful her buff / white fur is...
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Holey cow, what a mess. It is possible she could have gotten poisoned from the paint, and you don't really know how much she could have gotten. You want to look for any vomiting,lethargy,shaking,panting. If she starts to show any signs of illness, you need to get her into the vet ASAP.
I would also call the vet about the paint on the pads. Depending on how much got on there, and how much you got off, the paint could be clogging the glands.
Getting the paint off of her furr, you just need to wait until it fades and grows out. It really depends on how fast her furr grows. It can take a month or more for it to grow out.
If there's still clumps, you can use veggie oil to help get them out, but the color that absorbed into the furr will remain
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Thanks Sandie. Luckily I notice only 10-15 minutes after she walked in the door. So I was able to wash out all the paint on her paw pads. There are some very dark color near the edge - but I don't feel any sticky paint, I think they are just discoloring at this point. And it's about 10 hours later, and she seems to be ok - still have the black paws though Also her paws look so much smaller without those tufts

My husband said he closed the garage door too, although it never shuts completely. Tiki must have somehow nudged through the cracked door. Curiosity and Cat are such messy combination for this time around
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You can try Crisco Shortening- you know lard? Put a large amount on her paws and just hold her in your lap for about 5 minutes. Once it has had a chance to get in and soften the tar up, take a rag and wipe the crisco away. It should (knock on wood) take the excess stuff off. I use this all the time to remove sap when my horse rubs his head against the tree in his pasture.

As Sandie said, watch Tiki for any unusual behavior. Good luck!
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Thanks Hissy. What is Crisco Shortening / lard? Where can I buy it? What category of things does it belong to? Is it oil, powder, or something else?
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It is a solid form or cooking oil. It melts at very low temp and is used to fry foods, or for baking cookies etc.
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You should find it in the baking aisle of your grocery store. It looks like white butter?
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