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I HATE being away from my babies!

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I'm missing my babies soooooo much, it's ridiculous. I keep trying to tell my mom to try and sneak Pirate into the hospital here in Chicago, possibly going undercover as a therapy cat , but that would be a wee bit hard seeing as I'm like 2 hours away from my house right now. I think about them ALL the time, and I keep thinking that I'm going to wake up with Mia lying next to me on the bed just staring at me. Like it literally will wake me up from habit of her doing that all the time . Last night I swear I heard Taylor's nighttime "hollering" in my sleep. And unfortunately I totally forgot to bring my camera down here with me with all their photos on it. But at least I have their pictures that I loaded onto this site to keep looking at. My biggest worry is that my mom was supposed to talk to my neighbor's daughter, who is the one that recently just started watching them when I would be in the hospital. I didn't have time to talk to her before I left for the hospital, and I know that I can't rely on my mom to call her, I can't rely on my mom for anything like that really unfortunately. Instead she is taking everything upon herself to take care of them, which I specifically did NOT want to happen, because that stresses the crap out of her. She always makes things more complicated than they actually are, she has NO common sense. So, I think tomorrow I'm going to have to take it upon myself to call her and get this all straightened out. My original plan was that my mom and her were to take turns caring for the cats daily. But I guess on the upside my cats are used to my mom much more than Caitlyn (neighbor). But still, I think I have the right to be kinda mad.

But all in all, I just really miss them. Whenever they ask me here if I have any children, I say yes and then say they are furry with four legs and they think I'm a nut lol. But I do consider them my children just as much as any real biological child, and I think most of us share that belief with our pets, am I right?

I just want to know that they are being very well cared for and being pampered and played with, getting lots of hugs and kisses and treats. And with two people taking care of them I know that they would be getting so much love it's nuts.

I'm also worried about Pirate, since he has feline herpes, and he has really bad flare-ups during times of stress, and if I'm not there he gets incredibly stressed and flares up badly. I don't like the thought of him being all sicky as a direct response to my absence. I kinda feel like I'm making him sick, so it's a big guilt thing I think too. But I have the feeling that when I get back I will probably have to immediately bring him to the vet to get him on a course of antibiotics and bump up his L-lysine supplements. And there's nothing I can do, I feel useless sitting in a hospital so far from my babies.

Does anyone else feel an overwhelming amount of guilt when they have to leave their babies for extended periods of time? I have the feeling that I'm overreacting and just stressing myself out for nothing, but still... They're my kids and I just want what's best for them to make them as comfy and cared for as possible during my LONG absence.
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I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital. I hope you feel better soon.

I don't think you are overreacting at all. Those of us who love our babies feel the exact same way. I don't like to leave them to go to work or run errands or whatever I have to do. I want to take them every where I go, but they wouldn't like that. Just try to relax and let your mom and neighbor take care of your kitties. I'm sure they are okay. There's nothing wrong with checking up on them. I hope you get to come home soon to be with them again.
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Oh poor you. I hope you are feeling better soon .

I went on a camping trip with friends earlier this year. Don't get me wrong I had a great time but oh how I missed my cats. I also couldn't stop worrying about them.

Hay we are mammas and pappas of these fur babys it's only naturel we worry about them when we arn't with them. I too tell people they are my babys. A week a go some one at college asked if I had any little ones. I replied yes her names Nefertiti and she's black she enjoys eating raw chicken wings and then I realised she was looking at me funny. I had to say sorry I forgot to mention she is a cat!
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the same way? I never hear them talk about missing their dogs to the extent we miss our cats. Dogs are even more needy than cats are. I even had a problem going on my honeymoon 3 years ago! We made it home in one day due to my encouragement to do so. I gently told my husband that "gee, we could make it home and not spend more money on a motel tonight." lol I don't think he believed me. He knew I wanted to get home to see my buds. He is truly a wonderful guy! I sure hope you get better real soon. Don't worry too much about them. When you get home, they will all be sleeping and full of food, and no worse for the wear! Who better really than your mom to take care of them? I wish I had my mom to do that. She passed on 2 years ago. Take care and don't stress too much. You want to get out of there asap! God bless!
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I would be feeling the same way as you do. I haven't been away from home over night in 8 years. I couldn't bear to leave them.
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It's nice to hear that I'm not going crazy lol. My worry now is that my parents are coming down to Chicago to spend the weekend with me here and they'll stay the night in a hotel so I'm hoping that my mom called my neighbor. And even if she didn't, I know that they have enough food and water to keep them alive lol, so they won't perish in the night . I think I'm going to have to make a call to my mom to see if she even has talked to my neighbor at all since I've ben here... She's had almost a week to now and she always procrastinates (kinda like me )
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