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Mango and Pink try their first solid food

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So Peaches hasn't been feeling very well lately (see health "postpartum farts") so I heated up some canned food for her to make her feel a little better (I can never make it to the health food store during the week, I have to go tomorrow).

I put in into the kennel with the kittens & instantly got ALLOT of attention from the kittens. They hopped up on their little wobbly legs and both dove HEADFIRST STRAIGHT into the food . It took me a few minutes to stop laughing, then to run and grab the camera, take some quick pictures before I took the food away. It was TOO funny.

I'm assuming canned food at 2 weeks (they are 15 days) is probably much too much for their little tummies. They didn't get much since they don't have teeth yet!! So they may feel a little ill but I doubt they'll be worse for wear. At least I know weaning is going to be easy!

Anyway, I want to know - it's NOT ok for them to have wet food so early right? Otherwise Peaches isn't feeling well, I'm sure she does have a full supply of milk still, but it may taste a little funny or just not be quite up to what it normally is, so could I give them a small amount of canned food?

I'll have the adorable pictures for everyone tomorrow - they are very cute all covered in food!
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They still need their mother's milk or some supplementation - at least for another 4 to 6 weeks.
I've honestly never seen kittens go for food quite that young! Usually closer to 4 weeks.

If they get a little of her canned food I wouldn't worry too much, but they still need their milk for a while yet so I wouldn't purposely put down wet food meals for them to fill up on - at least not without something like KMR added to it.

In fact, if you're going to be out shopping this weekend you may want to go ahead and pick up some powdered KMR. You'll probably need it soon and it could help momma kitty too.
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Yes I was contemplating that this morning in bed, I think I'm going to try supplmenting them with a lunch-time meal so mama can have a bit of a break. I don't want to purposely orphan them for no reason, but her two little kittens are PIGGLETS!!!

I think mostly because there are only two and because she had SO much milk to begin with they are growing faster then average. They are both fully up on their feet and toddling around (I had to block the kennel enterance last night) which is pretty good for 2 weeks old!

It was SO funny, I wish I'd had video of Pink's first head-plunge straight into the food! Reminded me allot of my own son who started solids at 4 months (same reason, really interested ). Maybe it's just me?
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Youngest I've heard try solid food is 4 weeks. You'd better keep an eye on these guys - they may wind up being 30 lbs cats! As long as they are still nursing, it won't hurt to try a little solid canned food.
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Ok pink has a full row of front bottom teeth!!! I had to go back and check to make sure I didn't spazz and mess up the date when these guys were born! Nope 3rd of September...

Mango has a few toppers but not too many.

Peaches seems to have stopped eating she's still quite well hydrated but she didn't eat her wet food last night. The kittens were both nursing off her when I went up there so I put down a new can of food. Mango passed out from all the milk but Pink did eat a little. So they are still geting food from mom but obviously Pink is VERY interested in the wet food.

Not sure what to do about Peaches yet, i'm sure she stopped eating just because her tummy hurts so much!
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I've put food down for kittens at 3 or 3 and a half weeks before and had 1 or 2 from a litter dive straight into it! But that is more rare and usually nearer the 4 week stage (my litter of 3 at the moment are 0% interested in it and they are going to be 4 weeks on Sat !)
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Well I can tell you they are still munching away! I always make sure to put the food down right after they've nursed so they are full; but Pink just STUFFS her face into the food - it is HILARIOUS!! Mango still not SO keen on the food, he'll try a little and lap a little juice but mostly he just jumps INTO it then run to mom for a cleaning.

I was thinking of supplementing them while Peaches was sick, but she's all better and still feeding everyone well. However, I am starting to think that Mango may need a little something as his sister is almost twice his size now just because she's been eating all the wet food!!

Silly Kittens!!

They are getting SO big now & running all over their kennel. I've been taking them out for "playtime" in the living room so they can stretch their legs a little more. Plus the toddler thinks kitten-playtime is the BESTEST THING EVER!! Thankfully he's very gentle and mommy's always right beside him to remind him of that! But he was cuddling with pink this morning. At least he finally learned to pick up the kittens by their belly not their necks . It's good practice for when his brother comes along...
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
At least he finally learned to pick up the kittens by their belly not their necks . It's good practice for when his brother comes along...
LMAO - that was awesome funny.

I agree with what's already been said, a little tiny bit won't hurt them but don't let them go overboard, because Mama's milk is certainly best at this age.

Looking forward to pictures!
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Oh! There are some of them eating under "Peaches' Pink & Mango" on the fur forum .

I wish I had a video camera though, Pink litterally DIVES her entire head into the food like face planting into a cream pie!
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