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I did waaay to much physical labor today!!

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For about 90 minutes last night and then six hours today I spread bark mulch at a commercial client. 11 yards to be exact, which is only half of what is needed. This a alot of mulch!! Today I used my ATV and dump yard which savs alot of time but -stiff alot of physical work A nice chunk of $$ in my pocket but I was very dirty and have over-exhausted!! I took a soak in the whirlpool tub and some pain meds for stiffness but Yikes I tired and stiffening up as the evening progresses. I did enjoy some wine though as a treat to myself!!
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I would say you deserved the wine!! Here's hoping you aren't too sore in the AM!
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Sounds like you really need that whirlpool! And you definitely deserved the wine.

...but if I read that right - you're only half done? If you're finishing up over the weekend, I hope you don't wake up hurting!!!!!!
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I leave on vacation on Thursday so I will complete on Oct 9th. I did the harder part 1st this section of the building has only large trees and shrubs!

After a poor nites sleep Friday I was a glutton for punishment as I went up to the farm and helped my husband split firewood and tossed onto the truck and trailer!! I probably would have laid around doing not much of anything Sat afternoon.

When I woke up this morning (6:30 am thanks Bender!) I really am not stiff or sore at all.
Ok maybe my left big toe and Neil did drop a fairly large piece of wood on it.

He was complaining about being stiff and I told him to stop whining!
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You are obviously really physically fit AND a glutton for punishment! I remember Gary chopping a cord of wood - that is a LOT of work! (Let alone tossing it into a truck!)

Sorry about the toe.

Sounds like you two should have done the whirlpool tub together - wine wouldn't have hurt either.
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You sound a bit like me last week. I went to the gym for the first time in over a month and I think I overdid it a little. My entire body was in agony. But the more we do, the more we are capable of.
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Wow, you are in good shape!

I didn't do anything quite so worthwhile but am rather stiff and a bit sore from golfing 36 holes per day for 4 days in a row. I haven't golfed since last summer so that's a bit much for the first time this year, but it was sooooo worth it.

Have you ever tried an epsom salts bath for sore muscles?
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You really earned that vacation!
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We actually don't split the wood by hand anymore. Me use an axe?? EEK TO SCARY!!
We have a gas powered wood splitter but we were splitting elm which is a bit stringy so you have to put the pieces apart. I let him unload the truck and trailer however as I had to work on processing the tomatoes Sunday morning!
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