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Diarrhea & Strong Smelly Stools Help

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I have a 7 month old kitten that has had diarrhea, very smelly stools, very gassy and a doughy stomach since the day I got her (12 weeks from a rescue). I've switched foods, she's been on Hills ID, rabbit, duck and no change. About 3 weeks ago, she spiked a fever of 104. I took her to the vet and they rehydrated her and I took her home that nite. Next day, samething. Third day they gave her IV's to get her fever back down hoping that it would stay down. That finally worked for the fever and they put her on prozyme and jarro-dophius and that firmed up the stools but still really smelly. (I have to open the garage door) She doesn't throw up just gassy. She's had a chest xray and ultra sound and no fluid found anywhere. White blood up and protein way way down. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? She was eating 5 cans of cat food a day until she spiked the fever. She just inhales food, almost like she's starving. She is now on select care development. HELP!
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If she is this ill, she needs to be in the house, and not in a garage. She needs to be kept in a nice quiet area, and you need to run stool to the vet for testing. Have they tested her for giardia? coccidia? If you are switching her food suddenly that will cause stomach upset and the runs as well. I would have her stool tested first off and if the vet rules out health concerns then i would slowly add fiber to her diet, either canned pumpkin or metamucil but not to much.

You also might consider adding Grapefruit seed extract to her food, about 3 drops per day (buy the liquid form of this) It will kill any harmful bacteria or fungal infection she might be harboring that the vet cannot find. 5 cans of cat food a day is a bit excessive for one cat as well.
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I'm just curious if your kitty only eats wet food or both wet and dry? I'd definitely take Hissy's advice, I was just wondering about the kind of food as well.
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Bella has had numerous tests for parasites. She is not kept in the garage, I open the door to air out the house. She is only on wet food. She won't touch dry. I'm also feeding her 1 tablespoon of pumpkin per day. She loves that too! Those foods I named are from the vet. This has been over a 7 month period of time. That is not switching foods to quickly. By the way, she's also been on flagel,
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Hi there!

i can feel your worries. My Isys has been having diarrhea as well. i brought her stool sample in for tests, and the vet found no parasites.

My vet recommended i buy Nutros and Cat Max food, and i did. They come in both wet and dry.

Praying for speedy recovery for Bella! i was worried sick about Isys too, left me dizzy and weak! Sigh!

With Hugs and blessings!
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Bella was put on Jarro-Dophilus which is a probiotics, It apparently puts good bacteria back into her. I guess when a kitten has diarehha it because of too much bad bacteria. That has firmed up her stools somewhat, but still smell. She was also put on prozyme which is also a natural supplement to help her absorb nutrients.
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If the vet hasn't sent out a fecal to a lab, you might want to ask them to send out a fecal culture. It's sometimes hard for vets to diagnose everything there in the office.
You should also ask the vet about Brucella(cat scratch disease). There's still a lot of unknown about it, but there's been a few parasitologists doing studies with this particular disease. They have found that even the serum test sometimes won't pick it up. They did find that once they treated cats with runny stool with Doxycycline, it took care of the problem.
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My 7 month old kitty,Harry was a stray. Had her spayed,shots wormed etc.Shortly afterwards,had a fecal float done for her ,because she can't shake the chronic diarrhea that started after her being spayed.Has been on flagyl and Forti Flora. Not helping. Is eating Hills ID at the moment and not very much of that. Will boiled chicken and sweet potato help firm up her stools. Watery and goes approx 6 times daily.. Hate to change her food and make the diarrhea worse?I am concerned that she contacted a whammer-jammer  bug ,at the clinic where she was spayed, that we can't wipe out.

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