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New Addition to My Furry Family

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As most of you know I lost my beloved Andy. While I was at a cat show talking to a Rag Doll breeder that I have been friendly with she was telling me about a litter of kittens that she has. She was describing the kittens and I started crying. She had just described my Andy. She did not know about my loss of Andy. I felt it was fate for me to have this kitten. Not to say that Andy could ever be replaced. Needless to say their is a new addition to my family. I just got him yesterday. I named him Niqui. He is a flame point Rag Doll and just the cutest little guy in the world. We have bonded already. You just look at him and he purrs. As soon as I get my digital camera I will post a picture of him.

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again! Can't wait to see pics!
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that is wonderful! congradulations :flash:

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Shhhh see, i know the secret..... your babies have a wonderfull mommy!!!

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I am sure he's just precious. I can't wait to see him in person!!
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I can't wait to see him!! Borrow Rene's digital and put up a picture! Is he coming to NJ with us? How about bringing a picture next weekend to the Cape??
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I am very happy for you. Congrats on the new kitten and I will look forward to seeing pics of him. I bet he is adorable.
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I'm so happy you've found a new feline buddy! "Niqui," eh? Cool. I know your heart is still breaking for dear Andy, but the love you two shared has guided you to Niqui. He will help heal your heart, though a piece of it will always remain with Andy. Give Niqui a big hug from me!

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pictures! pictures! when are we going to see some?!?!?
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Michele....Congratulations on the new addition to your family!!!!
I also want to see pics!!!
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I am waiting to get my digital camera back. It is being repaired. I will ask Rene if I can borrow hers so I can post a picture. I have to say he is the cutest little thing. Right now he is a little white fluff ball with big blue eyes. He is just precious. I love him to death. This morning he was cuddling with my other cat Billy and Billy was cleaning him. It was so cute.

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I am so happy for you! Now when am I going to see a picture?
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I just got my digital camera back last night and I took lots of pictures. Now I just have to figure out how to get them on the site. Any advice?
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Good luck with Niqui, Can't wait to see pictures. Actually you owe me pictures of all your other babies too.

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Michele; God found a way to help you heal: He took a special dollop of His Love, wrapped it in fur, touched it with blue, gave it four paws and sent it purring to you. . . . . Niqui is in your lap and Andy is in your heart. How lucky are you?
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I really do believe that you know. I believe that things happen for a reason (no matter how much it stinks) and Niqui was meant to be mine. Don't get me wrong Andy can not be replaced but like you said Niqui is helping me heal.
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Michele, in order to put them on the site...put the disc into the computer. When you hit the reply button to the thread at the bottom it sais browse...select probably the A drive and then click on the picture you want to put on the site. When you hit submit reply...your picture will have been uploaded.
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Thanks for the info! Sounds easy enough. If I have time tonight I will do it before we leave for the Cape.

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There you girls go rubbing in that Cape thing again.

(Hmm, which is the smilie for extreme jealousy?)
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