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Blood tests

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Just from my own present experiences its important to get copies of all tests done from the vets as they do not always tell you other things (results high or low) if what they are looking for is good. My cat had a urinalysis 6/10/08 there was bacteria/crystals----8/27/08 urinalysis. no bacteria but when I asked for a copy of the test I noticed blood was 2+ HIGH and RBC 4-10 HIGH. as long as the vet saw there was no bacteria I guess he was content with that and never mentioned the other figures . Went to get a second opinion and was told well there is no bacteria perhaps a false positive you may want to redo it. But she put my cat on Royal Canine Feline urinary control formula. After a few weeks of that I noticed he was drinking tons more water and urinating a lot. I asked her if does that food increase thirst, she said yes. Well I took him off it but the thirst continued. On 1/14/09 had urinalysis done There was HIGH Bacteria-PH high. Insisted on a culture came back with Rods 100,000. Put him on meds did another urinalysis he seemed okay. But he kept drinking tons of water and urinated the vet said perhaps its the dryness in the air etc etc. I insisted on blood work 2/19/09 she said it was fine. Got a copy of it. Tot protein was high 8.7 Bun was 35 and monocytes was 5 as little as it was it says something and I was never told so. I found out by getting copies of the tests. Had urinalysis done in July all was well but spec gravity was 1.018. I just wonder if the royal canine food started something or perhaps it was a bad false positive urinalysis to begin with. Is it all money and how much cat food one can sell or don't inform the customer of complete results!! Every customer should automatically get copies of tests, you pay enough. I ask for them. Now my cat is dying. Had blood work done on 9/15/09 as my cat all of a sudden stopped eating and it has all been down hill since within a week. Bloodtests are bad. kidney disease most likely but it happened quickly and perhaps if those little things were no little things, things may have been different. To all get copies of all of your tests and do your own research!! Ask questions went for a another opinion before doing more fluids and they seemed puzzled. With such bad results the cat is not acting like it has kidney problems but it points in that direction. Cat stopped eating, just stoops around and not the cat he was. All in one week??
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I lost my Stormy to ARF.
It was sudden but there were some signs.
She would drool sometimes and would throw up.
She also would lose fur.
I found out the day before she was ots that her kidneys were gone.
I know how you feel.
She was only 5.
I have her mom who ha CRF.
There are treatments you can do for your cat.
You need to push the vet.
I always get all the test results.
When my Coco kept getting bladder problems over and over the vet said we have to stop it fromgoing to her kidneys.
I bet the infections went to your cats kidneys.
I think in one of my posts to you I had told you to be careful that the bladder problems can go to the kidneys.
What are his numbers now?
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I knew that but supposedly everything cleared up!!Urinary wise. Perhaps he was born with issues, His sister had stones removed 4 years old. He seems a bit better today eating a little but does feel boney. I know things do not look good. Funny what you said. I went for a second opinion and I said couldn't the urinary issues have gone to the kidneys she said NO. Its a disease they get . I didn't care for her at all.The following are what stood out with being to high or to low. Fluids with amox have helped for now!
Alk.phos 77
ast 103
CK 1350
amylase 4703
Tot protein 9.1
Direct Bilirubin 0.3
creat- 9.5
anion Gap-30
HCT 26.2
Mono- 10
auto platlet 104
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