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it has been a few years since my babby sammy had died..he was posiend and it was hard..i had to wrap him in a towel and he was coaughing up blood..he died in my arms a few hours later my sister had to take him body away..i was broken i cride for days..but i know he's in heaven watching me with my grandma and granpa

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Sammy looked like a beautiful cat. I'm so sorry that he was sounded like he suffered.....but he's not suffering now. Be happy with the many nice memories you have of him.
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I'm so sorry for what you and Sammie had to go through. He is forever free from suffering now, and he will always have a special place in your heart.
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He looks like a real sweetheart! What a cute face!! I so sorry for what happened to him.
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, Sammy. What a beautiful little face he had.
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Now that's a cheesy grin if ever i saw one on a gorgeous cat

What a handsome little boy he is


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What a gorgeous boy - how terrible that he was poisoned
I am sure that your grandma and grandpa are taking very good care of their special girl's cat
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So sorry for your Loss.........

Now you have an Angel of him on the sky...

RIP to Sammy
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Sammy looked like a sweet boy. I lost my dog Sophie, almost a year ago she was also poisoned. I know it hurts sweetie. Be happy for all the time you had with Him.
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Your sweet Sammy will always be with you in your heart.

Never forgotten....
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thank you al your all so nice..yes he was a beautiful cat very sweet and i know my grandparents are taking care of him..he's my little angel

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Oh Firepaw, so sorry to hear of Sammy's loss. I have a little grave behind my barn and a cross with "Sammy" on it. He was my Sammy. RIP to your sweet friend.
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