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Vet in Toronto?

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Apologies if this is the wrong forum, or if this isn't allowed. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything, so I hope this is ok.

My partner and I recently adopted a pair of 5 month old kittens from a rescue. We took them this week for an exam with the vet we used with our former cats, but unfortunately the vet we really loved there is currently on mat leave. We're not so thrilled with her replacement. I find that the replacement explains the things I don't care about (for example, really detailed information about cat anatomy) but doesn't explain fully the things that I do care about (like why he is recommending a certain test). I asked lots of questions during the exam but I just didn't feel great about the whole thing.

Additionally, the cost they quoted for the spay procedure seemed really high (approx. $500-600 each cat). We don't want to cheap out when it comes to their care of course, but we also don't want to be ripped off! Having read some reviews of this vet online, it seems like many people indicate that they seem to charge more than most places in general.

Does anyone have any recommendations for vets in Toronto (we're in Cabbagetown, but willing to go further afield for a vet if it's worth it)?

I've done a bit of research, and am considering the following places:
-Banks animal hospital
-East York Animal Clinic
-Links Road Animal Clinic
-Leslieville Vets
-The Animal Clinic (the one at Jarvis and Dundas)
-Coxwell animal clinic
-Greenwood Park animal hospital
-downtown animal hospital (the one on church street)

We're also considering taking them elsewhere for their spay, but going back to our regular vet for their annual exams, once the old vet is back from mat leave. We really liked her. Does this seem ok or is it a bad idea?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Eglington Vet.

They have been my family's veternarians for YEARS, seen us through car-hits, a giant tumour on my dog's spleen, kidney disease, liver disease, you name it. They are all really wonderful & knowledgeable vets, with the lastest equipment. I've always found everyone there very friendly and professions. I HIGHLY reccomend them! They'd be my vets now if we hadn't moved away .


Plus Dr. Combs is a veterinary SURGEON. It makes a big difference when you're looking at the major things.

I'm not sure what their price would be like. Please know that spay/neuter costs depend on ALLOT of factors and quality of the animal's care. For bare-bones spay/neuter no drugs, see yah later I've payed $125 neuter $175 spay (at my vet, not eglington)
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