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fresh pics of my foster boys

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Everyone's favorite dliute Snowshoe mix, Ghost:

My charming troublemaker, Archie:

My love muffin, Jakie - looking intently out the dining room window:

Jake and kooky Tex sharing a wash-up moment on the sofa:

No good pics of Prowler or Rex... or updates images of Casper ... I will get there - promise!
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Awwwww their gorgeous, and they look great!
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Ghost is absolutely gorgeous! I am such a sucker for those big baby blues... And I think I'm partial to snowshoe's because I used to own one

They are all very cute! And bless you for fostering!
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Wow - look at Jake's black & white markings!
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cute cute cute........ As you can imagine, I will no longer foster, for obvious reasons
I am happy to see ghost, and will be happy every time to see him there, if you know what what I mean .
They are BEAUTIFUL!!!
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Aw, the entire bunch are so cute, but, of course, I have a soft spot in my heart for the big, handsome Archie. Look at those golden eyes! Love, love, love the black cats!
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Thanks for the updated pics, Addie!
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precious boys!!!! the first one has such a beautiful face
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AWWW, they are all beautiful! Fostering is such an excellent way to reach out and help animals in need.

I love Ghost, he is beautiful, I am partial because my special girl is a Snowshoe (amazing cats) and Jake is sooo cute, he is a PINTO! Yay! Like my boy Cage - a patchy/spotty tuxedo.

Thanks for sharing!
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Your Fosters are beautiful! Archie has beautiful gold eyes! I would get so attached to them.
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Thanks, everyone. I AM VERY attached to them! I didn't plan on having them going on four months.. this was supposed to be a month at most.

My condo does not have good lighting so it is hard to capture good pics, plus these guys are constantly on the move!

Archie's eyes change color - sometimes they look gold sometimes light green. He is such a lovable stinker!

Ghost is a beauty and doesn't know it. I him to pieces. For those of you who don't know - he came to me sick, skinny and terrified of EVERYTHING! That first night I laid down on the floor of the bathroom and he was hiding underneath the cabinet overhang. I talked to him and petted him.. and he began to purr and knead my arm. He fell asleep doing that and I was hooked.

Now he chatters at me and demands attention!! He will jump up on the bed and squeak at me with this look on his face - Hey, hey, mom... come and lay down with me and love me!! So I will lay down on the bed and he spoons with me!

How anyone could have dumped this lil guy at the pound is beyond me.
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