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Feline Depression

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Meowser... Meowser, Meowser, Meowser.

My fiance and I just moved in together. In our family there is Slinky the ferret, Luna the 5 month old kitten, and Meowser the cat who is about two and a half years old. The kitten and the ferret could not be happier. Meowser on the other hand is not fairing so well. We have been living together for about two months and Meowser seems utterly miserable. The ferret and the kitten grew up with Meowser. From the time they were babies they were riding with me for four hours to my fiance's house where they usually spent about a week, every other week and my fiance would visit me and bring Meowser too. All was well. Meowser LOVES car rides. But he is not even showing the interest he used to in them anymore. He used to drive my fiance's roommate's cat crazy because he would try and play with her. They didn't really seem to be friends though as the other cat hated to play and would start screaming the second he touched her. But maybe he misses her... I don't know. I am trying to figure out what is wrong with him. I feel like he is living one day at a time, hoping I will leave. And I spend all day with him. It makes me uneasy, and I start to resent him.
During the day he sits in one of two places only. His bed or the recliner. He is also not responsive to food. I never see him eat, and when I put food out for him, he doesn't eat it. I don't know where he is getting food from, but he is maintaining his adorable plumpness. He was taken to the vet right before we moved in together because he had a fever, and it was time for a check up. He left with a clean bill of health and some antibiotics for the fever. He was back to normal in about 1 day. yay.
Something has my cat down. He doesn't cope well to change and we will be moving to Virginia from Florida next month. He needs help. He seems so sad. I truly feel he is depressed. Are there meds available for kitty depression? I want him to be comfortable and happy. There are birds and butterflies outside all the time, but he won't even get in the window to see them I am looking for info on effects medicating my cat may have. The pros and cons.
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It could be he misses your fiance's roomates' cat... it could be he's sick again because of the stress of a new place? Maybe he doesn't like the new smells there?

Before looking into anti-depression meds (they do exist - they're the same ones used on humans for the most part) - have you tried Feliway or Bach's Flower Essences? Specifically Rescue Remedy? Both are available for less money elsewhere, but you can read about them here: http://www.catfaeries.com Feliway was designed for helping kitties with problems stress peeing or inappropriately scratching - but for many cats, it just helps reduce stress in general.

If you're sure he's healthy, then maybe you should chat with a vet about meds for depression for him - especially as his territory is going to be changing yet again.
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