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Kittens Not Pooping?

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I'm not getting too overly worried yet but I cleaned the kittens litterbox out last night around midnight. This morning I went to clean it out and there was pee but no poop. It is now 3:45pm and no poop.

They have never had trouble pooping or peeing which is why I'm getting a little worried. Now we did recently about a week ago slowly change them from Science Diet to Blue Buffalo so I'm wondering if maybe they won't poop as much on the BB? I went around my whole room to make sure they weren't pooping behind anything, under anything, etc and I do not see or smell poop.

How much longer should I wait to see if they do poop before I take them to a vet?

They are very active and haven't been acting funny or anything so, I'm not quite sure what's up.

Thanks for your advice!
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You might want to put this in either health or the kitten forum. For my adults, if all else is well (eating, peeing, tails up and acting normal) my vet has told me two full days without pooping is ok before starting to panic. However, since it's Friday afternoon, these are kittens, and I don't know what your vet's hours are, maybe just call and see what they say. Why do our pets always decide to do something different, healthwise, right before the vets close for the weekend!

I wouldn't be surprised if they are pooping less on the Blue Buffalo. But hoping they've pooed by time you read this.
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Still no poop. They are peeing though. It just baffles me because they have never had a problem with pooping before!

I tried calling my vet but they are gone until Monday. (of course lol)

Do you know who a Moderator is to move this thread? I don't want to double post.
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We have poop! =) lol

I was away for a couple hours and when I came back I saw poop so, no worries at this point.

I think I just have to get used to it because with the Science Diet they were pooping A LOT! Now they are fully on BB and I think that is what the difference is. I'll keep monitoring it though.

(Sorry my nephew wanted me to include this.. =) )
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YAY for poop! I don't know how old your kittens are but healthy cats generally poop every 24 - 36 hours. It says a lot about you as a cat parent that you pay attention to this detail.

I always advise people to familiarize themselves with their cats bathroom habits so they are more likely to notice a problem earlier. Of course the more cats one has, the more difficult this is to do!
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