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Anyone who has a collar tag that slides or attaches to your cat's collar like a nameplate, can you tell me where you got it? I have found a couple for about $10.00 US. What information did you put on there? One of them was very limited as far as lines and characters allowed...my name wouldn't even fit. I'm just looking for the best one that isn't too pricey.

I had to take off her name charm b/c her new bowls I bought I high sided porcelain and the tags was making a noise and scaring her when she tried to eat or drink.
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I bought mine from:

Their tags read:
Cat's Name
My Cell #
My husband's cell #
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Yep - mine are boomerang tags as well... They are awesome!
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I have several collartags. Mine are also from Boomerang. They say:

H: (home number)
C: (cell number)
My Address

The other one I have says "IF FOUND CALL:" instead. My dog also has one with more info since her collar is bigger, I included my vet's phone number on hers.

The rest of my cats have collars from Ragtime Collars which have my phone number embroidered on them.
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