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rescued kittens need your HELP!

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i found these kittens behind my work almost a week ago and i have been struggling to make financial ends meet...

i posted a craigslist ad, and got 400 people to see it, in a 24 hour period. unfortunately i havn't gotten a single donation yet...


i am new here but i didn't know where else to post this.

i have gotten a couple e-mails of people who would donate to the vet under the kittens names.... so i am going to post the vet's info as well

this is no scam please feel free to call the vets office

The Veterinary Hospital
175 Silver Lane
Eugene, OR 97404
Phone: 541-688-1835

please do what you can, and also spread the word.... to everyone you can, please please please.... thank you for your time
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How wonderful that you have given them a home. You are doing all you can to take care of them.

The area of the vet clinic you posted has many vets listed. Have you tried calling around to see if another clinic might have better prices?

There is also a low cost spay/neuter clinic in that area. You could ask them if they see regular clinic visits as well as spay/neuter. They may also be able to refer you to a clinic that will work with you on a payment plan.

You could call rescue groups and shelters to ask if they know of a low cost clinic.

It may take some searching, but it may help.

All the best to you and your kitties.
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Hi there - You are doing a great thing helping these kitties... Unfortunately I am on the same boat here, and so are many of us...
I wanted to post a page with many many resources/links you can try to ask for help... but no matter what you do... please ,please do NOT adopt any of these kitties out to anybody from Craigslist, ok? If someone comes back from there saying they can help out by adopting one out... refuse it - run away...

here is the link - look at the resources. Carecredit is a good one - it is a creditcard for vet and medical care. Good luck!

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These things make me crazy. When I see a free kitten sign I become Mr. Hyde!
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