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Sooooo Ive been thinking about all the premiers coming out between this week and last week and Supernatural is one of my fav shows that I actually have off work to watch.

**First off last nights episode holy potatoes...The four horsemen are coming, I wonder which one will be next week since war was this week. And I cant believe Sam and Dean are seperating, I get why but they cant seperate...Ellen and Jo are back and Bobbys is paralyzed from stabbing himself while he was posessed..How did he get posessed anyways, doesnt he take precautions like the rest of them do? I like so far where this season is going it looks good but this is the apocolypse season so whats going to happen next season?? And this might sound dumb but I wonder if Castel can bring back their dad to help banish Lucifer??? Hmmmmm I wonder!**

Anyone else have any opinions or anything to share about this show!