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my 4 year old has been adopted...

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by one of our baby kittens! alright, they aren't really babies anymore - they are 7 months old - but they are still the babies.

our rosie seems to have fallen in love with her, she is very gentle and sweet with the kittens and loves to pet them. the cats sleep in our bedroom every night, in the morning my girly comes in to curl up with me for a bit before we get up. as soon as she comes in rosie goes right to her, and curls around her and rolls over on his back for belly rubbing. he climbs all over her and just purrs and purrs

he follows her through her day, and curls up by her feet or right next to her whenever she sits down. he sleeps right under her during naptime and sits by her chair at dinner. yesterday she dressed him up in doll clothes and he just purred and purred it was a nice loose dress, he just walked out of it when he got tired of it. he lets her tuck him in with blankets, it is so so sweet! she is so happy, he comes up and rubs against her face and she says "oh i love you my little rosie, my little baby boy" and it makes my heart melt.
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Awwww!! The first thing Lucas does EVERY morning is to get up and go say "hello" to his kittens! "Hello Kitt-eh-s" it's so CUTE! Then he tries to pick them up & carry them everywhere, but he's only 16 months so he's not very gentle! I'm quite sure we're not going to be able to re-home the kittens . So 5 cats it is...

Peaches is the same way though! She LOVES my husband and comes running when he comes in the door . So now he has 3 dogs, 1 toddler and 1 cat all running at him the moment he gets home .
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I have to say, when I read your title, for a split second I thought you'd put your 4 year old child up for adoption... then I remembered I was on a cat forum

That's very cute though. She's good with animals!
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