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Mungo-Jerry and Rumpleteazer First Pictures !!

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Spot the difference - Kitten style ! Here is Mungo-Jerry and Rumpleteazer. I think.. Rumpleteazer has the slightly lighter eye shade.. wait hang on that could be Mungo-Jerry..

But when they close their eyes.. the puzzle is even harder.. !!

"Shh Mungo pretend we're asleep, then she'll put the flashy metel thing away and leave us be"

Arh and I can't not show a picture of her Royal Highness Queen Nefertiti

*note* Nefertiti does have a tail, I just think it's feeling a bit camera shy this afternoon!
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Aww so precious...They look like my wee wittle baby Gigi...Awwwwwwww I love me some tabbies they is addddorrrrrrrrrrable
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cute cats!
I tried looking for the difference between the twins and I can't tell.
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Good luck in telling those two apart, you really will be able to sing that song at them! I've got it in my head now!

They're both beautiful and Nefertiti is lovely too !
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Awww, very pretty babies!
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Your cats are cute. How is Nefertiti taking to the new little ones?
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I've had the song in my head since they came out of the cat carrier purring together..

was it Mungo-Jerry or.. Rumpleteazer.. and then they will say witch is witch cat !!!

Nefertiti is such a loving thing I've never known a cat more sweet natured (she's never even pretended to bite me)! So she even started playing chase earlier. I think she prefers to have some feline companions. Mungo-Jerry (or was it Rumpleteazer) spat at her a bit but I am sure he or she will calm down .
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Awwwww, I can't tell Rumpleteazer and Mungo-Jerry apart, but I can tell they are both adorable. And Queen Nefertiti is absolutely beautiful.
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