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I've made it 50 years!

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God help me, it hurts to get up out of the chair some days, but I've made it to my 50th bday!

Life is great, if you take into account my 17 year old son has bought himself a motorcycle to use as his sole transportation (prom should be fun), my 14 year old daughter is dying to go to Homecoming - even though she has no date -, my 11 year old theatrical son sings opera on his middle school playground but can't seem to remember to do his homework, and the cats - Mickey is still schizoid and won't stay in the house (flea infestation, I believe), Scaredy is still, well, scared of everything except for me, the hand that feeds her, and Dusty is still fat. And my husband, he hangs in for all of this.

That all being said, even if I feel like I'm near tears due to a stupid number on a birthday, I thank God I'm still here to talk about it! We have jobs, a nice (but messy) home, we are all healthy and have plenty of food (maybe a little too much sometimes). My wonderful friends are having a party for me tonight, so I truly am blessed.

Thanks for listening, I feel better now!
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Happy Birthday Have fun at your party.
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I am getting to your point soon. But now that I think about it, all of my siblings are grand parents before they even reached 50. Those kids will keep you thinking young. Or not?
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Happy Birthday, and enjoy your party
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For your birthday, hopefully some smiles to offset those tears...

Enjoy your day!

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Happy birthday, have a great evening!
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Awwww.... !!! I passed the 5-0 mark in July. You will persevere and most importantly --- Happy Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday!!!!

You have a wonderful day!!

I will be 50 in November, I can't believe how fast the years go by.
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Happy Birthday!
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I hit 50 last year, and trust me when they say it is the new 40's!

Age is really just a number, your alive so enjoy it

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Fifty is quite survivable -- coming up on my 12th anniversary of doing so.
Many Happy Returns!!
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Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Have a GREAT evening and a joyful 51st year!
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Happpppy Biiiiiirthday!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Thank you to all of you who sent the kind wishes my way. It was a good day, and a fun night, and I really don't know why this particular one has hit so hard. It's great to know all of you guys are here to listen!
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