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Hello every one !! Princess Nefertiti and I are no longer a lone. This morning we have been joined by a very lively pair of tabby kittens.. the only slight problem is.. I can't tell them apart! (apart from when I look at their dear bottoms) They look almost identical, I'm still trying to work out whos got a different stripe. For now though I'm letting them just explore.

Mugo-Jerry and Rumpleteazer came out of the box purring and Nefertiti seems very happy shes not on her own anymore. They have started playing already !!

I wish Amadeus and Symphony were here too I'm trying to look at it positivly though. Amadeus and Symphony where inseperable and they have gone to a very good home with a big garden. They loved going out and I was forever up and down letting them outside (not that i minded) but now they have their very own garden! I'm trying to be optimistic abot what happened even though I'm still heartbroken. Soo !! Mungo-Jerry and Rumpleteazer !! And believe me no matter what those two and my beautiful Nefertiti will be going no where they are here for life !!

I will try and get some pictures maybe not today as they have had quite a bit of stress already