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Daily Thread TGIF Sept 18th!

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Morning peeps!

Well, its going to be chilly and we are getting rain today It feels like Halloween.

DH is going to Hamilton with his dad for the weekend so I am going to be uber bored. I suppose I'll get some things done around here...but I don't like it. This will be the first time we are seperated since I can't remember!

I am buggin my girlfriends to entertain me.

Off to work in a bit...that is about all!

You all have a good day!
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Morning All!!

Chilly and rainy here as well.

Woke up very early this morning 4 A.M. couldn't get back to sleep so figured might as well get up and get my day started early.

Have a couple of chores to take care of then am heading off to school.

Nothing special planned for afterwards...just home and maybe a nap.

The kitties are looking out at the rain, and do not look at all impressed by it.

Everyone have a great day
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We have a little bit of a break from the rain toady, but it will still be cloudy with perhaps some afternoon thunderstorms just in time for the commute home. Today, I'll be editing the draft of a report I wrote, extracting some data from a simulation I ran, and possibly making some changes to a program. I've got some (minor) plans for this weekend, so I'd like to get all that done so I don't have to do it from home. Long day for me today, maybe 10 hours or so, so I should be able to get most of it done if I don't screw off too much.

After work, it's off to the gym. I've only been once this week, so I need to get in there. Tonight, I'll read a bit - I've started reading Moby Dick and I actuall find it to be fairly enjoyable. I picked up the first season of 'Millennium' (X-Files type show from the mid-90's with Lance Hendriksen) at the used bookstore earlier this week, so I'll probably watch an episode of that before bed too.
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I slept slightly better than the previous night, so that is a good thing.... I'm still very tired and groggy because well, if I don't get 6hrs straight, the meds I take at bedtime make me groggy and lightheaded.

I have physio today, but if I can't shake the lightheadedness, I won't be driving to that.

Going to a reptile expo this weekend Not sure if I'm going tomorrow or Sunday though.

The kitties are doing their morning spaz out LOL.

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Just got back from taking a biology test. Note: Taking a test with a fever of 101 and a cocktail of cold meds running through your system is not a good idea. The professor doesn't allow make up tests under any circumstances, his reasoning being "You can fail one test and still get a C in the class." I don't understand how they can stress staying at home when you feel ill (what with the H1N1 running rampant around this area and all) yet penalize you when you do miss.....

Not going to work again today. So my day is devoted to sleeping and maybe getting some school work in if I feel up to it.

At least the weather is sleep promoting! Very rainy and gloomy.
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Good Morning all! Ugghhh I have a test this morning and I hope I do good on it! Then afterwards I am going to the barn, as my second class is cancelled because it is the teachers furlough day. Then I got class again at 3 and I am praying parking isnt horrible due to the fact that there is a football game tonight at 6 and people get there early to tailgate.... I wanted to go tonight, its against Boise State....our big rival!!! But I have work tonight til midnight, then back up at 6am to go to the barn before heading to work at 9am!! Hopefully I can make it through to sunday!!!
CatNurse---That is awful your teacher wont let you make up tests under certain circumstances. Here if you are on a sports team or ROTC the teachers have to let you re-take it if you have a game or w/e. I hope you feel better!!

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning!

Actually slept well last night and seem to be kicking this head cold I've had all week (Yay Sudafed!). Sort of a light day at work since we have a staff BBQ this afternoon, so hopefully an easy day.

Groceries tonight, since I was too tired yesterday and that cats will be pretty unhappy if I don't get cat food today.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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