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Selective Biting ???

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Hi all again,

You guys were so much help last time, thought I would try my luck again...
My kitten (now about 6.5 mths old) has developed a funny behaviour I can't explain. It's to do with biting but he only seems to bite me and not my partner. This happens especially in the mornings. He sleeps in the laundry and at about 7am either myself or my partner will get up and let him out. He comes straight into our room an is extremely affectionate to begin with, lots of purring, kisses, touching my face with his paws...but after a little while the teeth and claws come out.
So my partner sleeps in and i try to hide under the blankets. We've tried saying no firmly and also picking him up and putting him down off the bed every time he does it but he is extremely dertermined and persistant.
I'm just wondering are we doing the right thing...and also is this something he is likely to grow out of?


This is Dexter...

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In my house, this behavior is known as the "Get up and feed me! Nao!" ritual. Not being there myself, it's hard to say for sure, but it's my guess that Dexter is both wanting attention and wanting playtime. His tendancy to bite you might actually show that he is more fond of you than your partner. (as in he knows YOU will play back, whereas your partner just ignores him)

Other members may be able to give you other ideas, but this is how it goes in my home. :-)

Maybe a decent playtime in the morning will help. you can do this while still laying in bed if you have a kitty fishing pole. Just get some kind of stick with something tied to the end, and while you're laying in bed, troll it along the floor beside you. It should destract him from attacking you, run out some excess energy, and redirect his focus from inappropriate nibbles on you to a more acceptable nibble--on his toys.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks for your quick reply...
Although I'm not sure if thats the reason, we leave dry food and water in with him when we put him to sleep...?

Any other possiblities?
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My Cameo just turned 1 yr old in June...and in the mornings...he would knead under my chin, purr, rub his face on mine...his nose would drip onto my face.....and then he'd nip my nostril.....he did that starting at about 3 months old....and will still do it occasionally. The 'nip' hurts and has left a scratch sometimes....I took it to mean that he wanted me to get up and feed him.

He always has dry food available, but I prefer to feed them wet food. I just think it's his way of saying Good Morning..time to get up. Now that he's over a year....he doesn't do it so much....and just waits till I get up.

Also, I tease that he's trying to find out if I'm still alive...I know it sounds funny, but I bet there's a bit of truth in that...until he felt secure that I was going to get up.

I'm sure your kitty will outgrow that behaviour. He loves you and is giving you your morning kisses!!!
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Oh ok, hmm yeah that makes sense...
Thanks for your help
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"Sounded like you were describing Blossom. She has a very fluffy, adorable tummy which she likes to show off while she's sleeping with her toes curled. I can't restist giving her tummy rubs. We've had her since 3 weeks so I can see that she missed out on being with her siblings, though she did have 2 dogs to play with.

She does give warning signals though, either or both tail swishes, tensing up, ears pinned back & wild eyes.

Over time she has improved. It started out with her accepting only being touched around the neck & shoulder area. As soon as our hands went about waist level out came the claws & teeth. I took things slowly, learned her signals & can now rub her tummy for quite a while b4 she attacks. Most times I stop b4 it gets to that stage, but sometimes I can't resist & go that little bit too far.

So I would say take it slowly & look for those warning signals I mentioned & maybe in time he will let you pet him."

A slightly different scenario but the above post from another thread I answered, if that makes sence, may help.
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