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Found this site...Lots of babie pictures!

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I just found my local Hospital's website (I forgot that it even existed!) and they've got pictures of all the babies born since last June. My Cousin's little baby is even on there! So,if you're needing a baby fix check out this site! Also, ya gotta check out Erin Elizabeth born on December 17th. She's my little cousin and she's so precious! That pic was taken right after I held her for the first time!
Jefferson Community Health Care
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Thanks for sharing, Shell!

Smiles, hugs, and Cheers!
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What a cute thing to do! I wish the hospital here would do this.
Are those photos taken when they are just day old or so (do you know?) How is it in the hospitals out there, are the babies in their own clothes, or clothes from the hospital? I noticed those babies were wearing different clothes.
Here the babies wear hospital clothes. Well, actually I striked on that and had Oliver wearing his own clothes (we had to stay for 5 days because of the c-section), because everything was so wayyyy to big for him, and I didn´t like my baby to wear something that said on the front "property of the hospital laundy". I was quite sure the baby was MINE, not the hospitals laundry´s!
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These pictures are taken usually the same day as their birth or possibly even the next day. I do know that my baby cousin Erin's pic was taken the night of her birth (she was born early in the morning) since I was there when they took the picture. I'm not sure about the clothes though. I think they make them where plain onesey's, but when the pic is being taken the parents can change the babies clothes. Plus, since I live in a small community there aren't very many babies born at the same time. We might have a run of 2 or 3 babies a week, but there are some dry spells too.

I thought it was a great idea for the hospital to do that! I love checking out little babies, so I'm checking that site almost daily.Plus, I'm nosey at times too and want to know if "so & so" had their baby!

I can't believe that they made you stay in the hospital for 5 days! Around here it's usually 3 days max for a c section and for a natural birth the mother is out by the next day (if there weren't any complications). I remember my Mom telling me she had to stay in the hospital for 3 days and she had an all natural birth (no painkillers for her! I was out in 10 minutes flat! ).
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Yes, these 5 days were not so nice, I had panic attacks, was in 3 bed room, one of the mums snored so loud she probably woke the whole neihbourhood! For no complication births mother and baby are out the next day, and get to stay in a very nice hotel like room with double bed so the father can stay there as well.
When my mum had me, the standard hospital stay was a week (she had no complications, even though I didn´t come out in 1o minutes flat, more like 72 hours...) and the new mums were ordered not to even stand up, at least not the first couple of days!!! Thank God that has changed! Back then it´s like giving birth was dealt with like it was a disese! But, that was a long time ago...
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She's a sweetie! I looked at the weight's The biggest was 10 lbs.2 oz.(ouch) The smallest was 5 lbs.5 oz.
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That's a great idea! I wonder how many other hospitals do that? She's a real cutie.
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Aww...thanks! I think it would be great if all hospitals could do that, but I'm sure the big city one have too many babies born everyday!
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