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Too smart for their own good...

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Got any smart kitties? Share your stories!!

Google amazes me with how smart he is. We have to have baby locks on our cabinets because he will open them all. So all cat treats and the cat nip goes in a upper cabinet for safe keeping. Well I was awoke to the cat sitting on top of the fridge opening the cabinet with the treats... Are you kidding me?! So now THOSE need baby locks... For now I have masking tape on the cabinets... looks horrible but seems to work.
Oh and he also chews treat bags open... I left for the weekend, came home and there were 2 treat bags that had been chewed open (2 different flavors even though there are multiple bags of each!!) laying around that were about half empty. They were full and unopened AND in the cabinet when I left...

I really think the only reason he hasnt tried to kill me is because he hasnt figured out how to open the wet food... if he does that, I'm a goner!
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We have those lever type door handles on a lot of the interior doors, Taz can open them.

Kasey comes to tell me that her favorite food dish in the basement is empty. There is a definite unmistakeable routine for this. She responds immediately, every time to "I better go to check your food" by going down the stair, immediately, without fail.
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I've had to change where I keep the cat food. Blossom will open the cupboard doors, than open the container the foods in & help herself. If I forget to put the foil pouches away she will chew holes in the entire pouch, makes a sticky/slimy mess.
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This just happened this morning actually....I have one cupboard door where all the treats cat and dog are stored. Well I accidentally opened it to check the stash and see what needed filled and I tried to be very very sneaky..Nope didnt work I barely had the door opened an inch and Fatman and GiGi came barreling down the hallway across the couch flying on top the computer desk to the counter where they get treats and just stood there like "Duhh mom you opened the door now FEED ME" I didnt even rattle a can or anything they just know which door it is like it has a distinct sound they never do this with any other cupboard door. So I had to treat everyone including the dog who dances for his treats..LOL...
Fatman seems to be the smartest out of the bunch though, he has learned how to open the bathroom door, lift the toilet seat lid, and knows when its bedtime at no avail whether ready for bed or not by 9pm he is out in the living room pacing back and forth between me and BF as if to say lets go its bedtime..and as soon as the hallway light goes off he is back in bed waiting for us to get our spots before he kicks us out of our spots to make his own.
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