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*lick lick lick CHOMP*

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I will state this for the 12397234234 time.


This cat confuses the heck out of me. Joey and Kahlua are both cuddlers and both like to be petted. But if they are tired of it they will walk away. But Google is another story. He will sit there and let me rub his head and purr away and then about 30 seconds later I have 10 claws and some teeth digging into my arm with no warning what-so-ever... Its annoying!

You would think I would just learn not to pet him bu the fluffy guy is too adorable! I cant help but pet him!

This isnt a new behavior. He has always been very tempurrmental (sorry I cant resist a pun!) And actually he is getting better. I can hold him and pet for a little while now. He acts like he wants to be petted on, he will sit close to me and purr a little or sleep, but he just gets very angry very quickly. I've tried petting different spots on him and below the shoulder blades is a very Very VERY bad idea! The only time you can pet him until your hear is content is when you are straight out of the shower. He loves to be wet and loves to rub on wet hair. Like I said this cat is a freak.

I have read the thread about this and I've tried a lot on here. There are no warning signs. There is no tail twitching, no given amount of time to it, sometimes it can be a few minutes and then sometimes a few seconds.

And he doesnt chill out and release if you freeze, he digs in deeper to get a response I think. About the only thing that will make him release your hand is to grab his scruff (not hard just enough to let him know you have him) and he will let you go.

and the reason for the tittle, he usually starts licking on your arm or hand when you are petting. And then the teeth come...
Any suggestions as to how to make him a little calmer? I have some natural stress reliever that I add to their water daily, it doesnt seem to help...

this is a very rare picture. He was actually very calm and purring for this. You can also tell how beefy he is...
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He's so cute and fluffy--I can see why you want to pet him all the time
I'm not an expert, so my advice may be kind of useless, but I thought I should at least try to help.
When he bites, you should say NO very firmly and put him down (while holding his scruff to make him stop). Do not pick him up again for a few minutes and then start. If he bites again, repeat the procedure. Cats aren't dumb, and he'll get the message. Oh, and while doing this, you might want to wear some protective armor, such as long sleeves, and gloves (lol)

Who knows... it might work. He could be stubborn and be mad at you for a moment, but I'm sure that fluffy guy won't be mad for long! I just can't get over how big and furry he is...
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In my experience, a cat wants to be petted for sure if he goes to you and rubs himself against you. If I get bitten or scratched for being nice, I hiss, say NO and leave. Like meminikitty said, cats aren't dumb and he'll get the message.
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Okay I will try to start hiss and saying no.

Apparently the massive amount of cursing doesnt register in his head LOL!

And the only time he will come for pets is if you have a wet food cat or if you are fresh out of the shower... Although he doesnt need you for food, he will chew bags open if left out. And dont bother putting them in the cabinets... he can open those
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This sounds exactly like my cat Marlon when we first got him. Including the licking before the sudden chomp. He's gotten loads better since, and we're pretty sure he would bite us because he didn't know any other way to ask to be put down. Also, he didn't really trust people to respect his wishes. I think he grew up around some grabby humans.

How long have you had Google? It took a while before I really learned to pick up on Marlon's annoyance. To this day I couldn't tell you what he used to do when he was done with being pet. I think maybe it was just a very slight increase in tension in his body.

Here's what we did. We tried to be super-sensitive to ANY change in him, and the second we noticed we put him down, but not like he'd done something wrong. Gradually, he learned that when he didn't want to be pet, we'd leave him alone, so there was no reason to bite.

When he did bite, it was useless to yell or scruff him. It just freaked him out. If he did something bad we just dumped him unceremoniously on the floor, turned and walked off, totally ignoring him.
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We've had Google since he was 6 weeks old. So almost a year and 3 months? ish?

He's never being held during this. Infact he very rarely gets picked up. Like I said unless I'm still wet from a shower or he is very high on the nip! I think thats why I cant really pick up on any signs from him, but I'm not brave enough to pick him up! LOL!
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I wonder if he was taken away from his litter too soon- there's a crucial period where they need to be playing with their siblings and learn that biting HURTS and you won't have any friends if you keep biting them.

Not sure what to do about it now, but maybe it's the reason.
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Sounded like you were describing Blossom. She has a very fluffy, adorable tummy which she likes to show off while she's sleeping with her toes curled. I can't restist giving her tummy rubs. We've had her since 3 weeks so I can see that she missed out on being with her siblings, though she did have 2 dogs to play with.

She does give warning signals though, either or both tail swishes, tensing up, ears pinned back & wild eyes.

Over time she has improved. It started out with her accepting only being touched around the neck & shoulder area. As soon as our hands went about waist level out came the claws & teeth. I took things slowly, learned her signals & can now rub her tummy for quite a while b4 she attacks. Most times I stop b4 it gets to that stage, but sometimes I can't resist & go that little bit too far.

So I would say take it slowly & look for those warning signals I mentioned & maybe in time he will let you pet him.
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Marlon does the same thing when not being held as well. So, for example, if he's lying on the floor and someone pets him, he acts like he's really enjoying it up until he's suddenly NOT enjoying it.

We're pretty sure Marlon was taken from is litter when he was too young, because he's very impolite in cat-speak. He actually does the same thing (lick lick lick chomp) to our other cat, which drives her crazy. Could be the same for Google, as lsanders suggested.
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I'm sure he was taken too soon.. I wanted to leave him with the litter longer but the lady that had them was just keeping them in the pool house and the neighbors dogs were tormenting the kittens anytime they ventured outside so she wanted to go ahead and find them a good home. But please dont think this lady is bad for doing this! This pregnant momma kitty just showed up at her house, so the lady made her a nice bed in the pool house so she would be comfy and then took her and got her spayed immediately after.

Although since we have other kitties wouldnt he learn from them? Although he wasnt completely accepted for a few weeks but Joey and he seems to be best buddies.

I will try to just take things slow with him and try to keep my eyes out for any warning signs!
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