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momma cat about years old

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hey guys well have my cat autumn is going to have kittens
what want to know will it be safe for her she about 9 years old
i am worry that she won't make through delivery her kittens i already
should gotten her spayed or is still to late mean to want her die when
she having her babys and don't right get her a cat abortion how ever
you spell it need reply soon so i know what to do anyway would my cat
be mad to wake in vet room and discover she not carrying kittens anymore anyway it hard find home for kittens please help me don't what
to do i don't autumn die on me when she her babys .does anyone know if
there cat who past 9 years old that healthy litter of kittens pass
the age 9
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cats&kittens - I don't know about the safety of a 9 year old cat giving birth. I do know that if you were to take her in to the vet early on in the pregancy, they can have her spayed and abort the kittens. I'm not sure which is the safest way to go. Some of the more knowledgeable members might have a better idea, but you probably want to take your kitty in to the vet's for a checkup, etc, and I'm sure the vet will be able to give you some good information as well.
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Although most of us here are pretty experienced with cat health, we can't see your cat and can't replace a vet.
It sounds as if either way you should have your vet do an exam. If she's not very far along, the best may be to have her spayed and abort the fetus's. If she's too far along, I would have the vet do an exam to evaluate her health. If she's healthy enough, there shouldn't be a problem, but you can determine when she is due, and arrange for her to have the kittens at the vets office so that if there's any complications, the vet will be there to do what is necessary to save everyone.
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