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Very sad news :(

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>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
"Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'
and, yes, there is a difference."
Permission granted to crosspost.

September 16, 2009
We've lost a valuable foot soldier in this war we're fighting simply for the

right to be able to "own," love, and cherish our animals. John Yates,
founder of American Sporting Dog Alliance, passed away during surgery
yesterday. John's research and writings on legislative issues have
circulated through email lists and been posted on web sites all over the
country. He has been a friend to Texas animal owners and joined us in our
local and state battles. John will be greatly missed and our condolences to

his wife Donna. Responses can be posted on the URL below:

http://members3. boardhost. com/coverdog/ msg/1253065634. html

Sad News-John Yates Passed Away Today
Posted by Joe Blacker on 9/15/2009, 8:47 pm
Joe Blacker

I damn well hated to hear the news today from John's wife Donna:

Hi Joe,
Please tell the people on the cover dog site that John died during surgery
today at 1:15pm. I don't think I can do it myself. We both have a
lot of friends who are on the site and I would like them to hear the news
from you, if you would not mind.
Please tell them that he loved his dogs, his wife and fighting for freedom
in whatever form it took.
His voice is silenced, forever.
I will miss him. I hope that our friends will remember him as the gentle,
articulate spokesmen that often put his heart and neck on the line to stand
up for dog owners/lovers and fought for all of us to the end. He planned to
continue the fight as soon as he could sit in front of his computer again.
It seems that someone else had different plans for him.
His favorite dog, Razzle, who was a son of Tekoa Mountain Sunrise, died
peacefully in his sleep, two days ago.
They are surely both strong and healthy and hunting together, somewhere.

RPOA Texas Outreach (501C4 Nonprofit)
www.rpoatexasoutrea ch.org
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (501C3 Nonprofit)
www.responsiblepeto wners.org

900 NE Loop 410 #311-D
San Antonio, TX 78209
$15 Annual dues (January - December)
To subscribe, contact rpoa@texas.net
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This is VERY sad news. RIP Mr Yates
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