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Phoebe and the Litter Box Update...

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I had posted about Phoebe not wanting to use the litter box, not one of the three in the basement, and how frustrated I had become. She would rather pee on the cement floor..causing odor and clean-up problems......well.....I'm happy to say..the problem has been resolved.

I put the litter box right at the bottom of the stairs....in fact, we have to step over it. But, the good news is......she steps off the bottom step right into the litter box She gets alot of praise when she's going down the stairs....and treats when she comes back up!!

Everyone is happy!!! The two young cats will use the box too, and that's okay....but they have the other two boxes to use as an alternative....

All's well, that end's well !!
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Awesome! Thanks for the update. It's good to hear another litter box issue has been resolved!
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WTG! Sometimes it's just about getting creative. The inconvenience of stepping over the litterbox must feel like nothing compared to ... well... you know. I'm so glad you found a solution that works for all of you!
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You don't know how relieved I am Pee on a cement floor in a humid/hot summer is hard to bear!! Even with the use of enzymes and sprays and baking soda and washing it often....does not get the smell out.

Yes, getting creative is the key. I'm glad the thought came to me. She pees alot because she drinks alot. The young cats have a pee about the size of a quarter....her's.....Niagara Falls....hahaha!! I thank her everytime we have a 'bonding' moment!!!

Keep your fingers crossed that she continues to be agreeable to using the litter box....

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Glad to hear you found something that works. And you get a little extra exercise into the bargain.
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