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How long to cook a 3lb roast?

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So both me and Josh are home today, sick as dogs. So figured I'd throw a roast in the crock pot so we could have something hearty tonight. This is the first time I'm breaking out the crock pot though.

How long should I cook a 3lb rump roast? The recipe I'm using simply says "several hours". Not very helpful. I've got a 4qt pot.
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all day on low..... (8hrs give or take, depending on how well done you like it)

Or you could set it on high for a couple hours, then low for 4hrs.....

Is it just the roast and do you have a meat probe thermometer?
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As far as I am concerned, that is one of the mysterys of life. I use a meat thermometer. It has not been perfect for me, but helped alot. Good luck.
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I HATE overcooked meat (I eat my steak a shade above blue) but when it comes to tough meat like a rump roast, the longer the better because you need to tenderize your meat until the point it is falling off your fork like warm butter .

So "several hours" means 3 to 4 but more isn't going to hurt it . I go with SL and stick it in for 8, or from now until whenver you decide to have dinner!

I do my pot roast on the stove for 4 hours, and it was soooo good on sunday hubby ran out & bought another one apparently that's all we're eating all week!
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Thing with rump roast is it is so lean you either have to quick cook it to no more than medium or slow cook it in moist heat for several hours until well done. You don't want if falling apart done but the only option in a crockpot is well done. 4 hours after searing it should about do the trick as long as you have enough liquid in the pot at all times
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I always cook my 3lb roasts, whether beef or pork- 4 hours on high, or 8 hours on low. They always turn out great.
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Thanks for the tips guys! It's cooking away now....I'll let you know how it turns out!
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Cooking times for beef vary depending on the way in which it's prepared. Beef is usually prepared as rare, medium, or well done.

Rare has reached an internal temperature of 140-145 degrees

Medium reaches 160 degrees

Well done measures 170 degrees internally.

When cooking beef in a 350 degree oven, a typical rib roast takes 18-26 minutes to be rare, 28-34 minutes to be medium, and 28-36 minutes to be well done.

Grilled steaks will take 6-7 minutes to be prepared rare, 8-9 minutes to be medium, and 9-11 minutes to be well done.

Here is a good table:

And here is an excellent PDF format that covers minutes per pound:
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