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Tolly's Gotcha Day!

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I just looked at the calendar. Today is Tolly's Gotcha Day! Ten years ago......

.......It was a dark and stormy night. I was working in a house with three small children and a dog. We were in the kitchen and I was performing "dinner theater" for the entertainment of the children (I work with special needs children) dancing and singing, to distract them from the violent storm raging outside. Suddenly I heard this loud wailing meow, and the dog went crazy barking and jumping at the door.

I went outside and stood on the stoop but didn't see anything. I went back inside, and as soon as I shut the door, again heard this loud plaintive meow, and of course the dog went berserk again. This time I shut the dog in the bathroom (on the other side of the house) and stepped outside, off the porch. I stood in the pouring rain and called "kitty kitty kitty" as loud as I could.

I really couldn't see a thing, it was a miserable night. Suddenly I felt something climbing up me, and there was this tiny kitten clinging to me, just under my chin. Soaking wet. I didn't take the time to look him over, I couldn't bring him in that house, nor could I leave the children for long, so I put him in my car, arranging the car blanket on the floor of the back seat, hoping the kitten would use it as a warm snuggly nest to sleep in and be warm until I left for home.

When I finally got in my car to go home, I found the little baby curled up in the driver's seat (my seat). He had used the blanket nest as his litter box, leaving me a little "present". (and is still just as fastidious) I lifted him off the seat and placed him on my lap, and he rode home, still curled up, like that.

When I got him home I discovered that he was just a tiny scrap of red fur. I got him to the vet the next day, and the vet felt he was about 5 weeks old, he had pneumonia, chlamydia eye infection, ear mites, and so on. He weighed only one pound. It was touch and go for a few days, but he rallied and responded to my loving care.

Ootay (rb5/09) and Bibbs(rb3/05) who were 8 at the time, took him under their wings and loved him and raised him.

His full name is Tolly Sweet Pea. He is just the sweetest cat I have ever met. He is also known as Nurse Tolly, as he comforts and nurses anyone sick (human or feline) and fusses over any cat who comes home smelling like vet. Tolly is 10 years old, has a seizure disorder and herpes eyes. He takes phenobarbital twice a day, and l-lysine once a day. There were times I thought I would lose him but with the help of Cornell University Companion Animals Hospital, he is still with me and thriving.

Happy Gotcha Day Tolly Sweet Pea!

The Joy of my Life.

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Awwwwwww Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!
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Happpppy Gotcha-day!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Hi Tolly - just us back to wish you happy gotcha day again!!

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That is an amazing story. I am so glad you still have sweet little Tolly. What a cutie pie!
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Aww - happy gotcha day, and many many more!
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Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Tolly.
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Tolly and I thank you all for the well wishes! You know, this sweet boy has caused me more stress that I ever could have imagined surviving, with his seizure disorder and the herpes (almost lost his eyes).

I still look back at all those trips out to Cornell University Companion Animal Hospital, and wonder how I managed.

He was given a life span of 10 years because of the seizure disorder and the phenobarbital use, but he's 10 now and still healthy. He gets vet check ups twice a year, and blood work, including phenobarb levels once a year. So far all is well.

Tolly also has FORL (also sometimes known as neck lesions), Feline Odonoclastic Resorptive Lesions, an extremely painful dental condition. With a regimental home care routine I've managed to keep him from needing anymore dental work in almost two years, but he doesn't really have many teeth left, after three dental surgeries with extractions over the past four years.!

My vet takes care of his dental surgeries though, I don't take him out to Cornell for that, though she has offered to send us there to a dental specialist. It's a scary risky thing, because of his phenobarbital use, but I have a lot of trust in my vet.

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Happy Birthday Tolly! What a nice, inspiring story.
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AWWWW, he is a beautiful boy! Such a courageous cat and brave, compassionate owner. I love this story! My hearts swells, reading your words. I am so happy you have lovd him so well, he deserves it.
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