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Daily Thread Thurs Sept 17th

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Morning peeps!

Yay, its almost Friday!

It's going up to about 20 degrees today and should be sunny I think.

I am just going to work, and nothing much else today. Going to make some pork chops for dindin.

I am getting excited for all the new show premieres coming up!

Anyhoo, have a good one folks!
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Morning! DS slept in a bit longer before his first feeding which means he isn't going back to sleep anytime soon. Sleepy or not I will make it to the store today. I have been trying to get there since last Friday. This cold will not keep me down another day. That's my only goal for the day.
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Good morning....

Chris forgot to shut the windows last night.... brrrrrrrrrrr. It is freezing in here..... Definately helps wake me up.

I am sooooo sore today, BUT.... it is a GOOD sore. It's the, you know when you don't exercise for a long time then you do exercise, your body is telling you that it has muscles you haven't used in a long time.... That's the sore.

It actually woke me up during the night.... I started stiffening up.... holy cow, I don't think there's many muscles that are NOT sore

That said, it's a good feeling to know that I actually used my body well yesterday.

So today will be a relaxing day.... prolly enjoy the hottub a couple times... do some reading.... etc.

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Morning All!!!

Sunny but chilly here this morning. It is suppose to warm up a bit later so it looks like we are in for a very nice day.

My cold is better today so that's a bonus, however my knee is really giving me what for....hopefully it will ease off some soon.

Heading off to school in a bit, then afterwards just home for a quiet evening.

The kitties are good, birdwatching right now...they are happy because it is warm enough to have the window open this morning.

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning all! Its gonna be a hot one today!! I took Murphee to the vet to get neutered....i feel so bad for leaving him there! I have school in a bit, only one class today! Then off to the barn, I need to say goodbye to a friend who is leaving tomorrow to attend UCLA!! Im gonna miss her!! Pooh Bear is sleeping on the island next to the table, she is sooo cute! I have a test tomorrow so lots and lots of studying tonight and have a take home test to do...so little time. I hope everyone has a great day!!
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