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Cat acting weird after getting neutered

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I just got my cat neutered today and he's been acting very different since a while now. Whenever I get up, he starts meowing non-stop, grabs my leg with one of his paws and tries to bite my foot. I don't think he's doing that because he's mad because in that case he would also take out his claws.. but he doesn't. He has never followed me around like this. Usually he's just playing around the house doing his own thing but this is the first time he's been following me like this. I know it's a good thing that he's coming to me but I'm not sure what is he trying to do to my leg and why is he doing that. Also, he hasn't slept all day today. He got up early in the morning and I took him to the vet at 11 and got back at 4 and he's been awake the whole day. Anyone got any idea why is he doing this? Thanks in advance!
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Sometimes the anesthesia does strange things. Even though he's not sleeping he's probably still reacting to the anesthesia. I would expect him to be back to normal by tomorrow or the next day at the latest.
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It can take up to 48 hours for anaesthetic to wear of completely. Give him time, he is feeling lost and confused and you are familiar and he doesn't want you to leave him alone. Some react that way, others hide for hours, some just sleep, all are different.
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Exactly the above. Our cats all get really lovey, grabby, talking and needy with the effects of the anesthesia.
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I agree with the other posters, he just needs time for the anesthesia to wear off.

Welcome to the forum! Thank you for getting your cat neutered! You are a good cat parent to be so worried!

What's your boy's name? We'd love to hear more about him, and for now, just give him as much loving and attention as you can!
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When did he get neutered?
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According to the post it was Wednesday, and the poster posted at 2:00am (well - US EDT). Kitty's probably fine today.
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I just want to say that although your question has been answered, I have to add that you shouldn't even consider declawing your cat.

You just had his manly-bits snipped off. I'd be mad at you too.
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Thanks for replying everyone! He's doing good now. I guess it was the anesthesia afterall Eventhough I dont mind him following me around at all but I guess he just doesn't like me

His name is Mac and he's a year old. He is always in his own little world.. either playing with his toys or kneading his bed. He loves to bite. I've tried to make him come sit next to me or sleep next to me but I guess he's just not that kind of a kitty.
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Thanks for the update! It may be he's just too busy at this age to be a lap cat. he may change his mind as he gets older.

Don't let him bite. When he bites, tell him firmly "No, Mac" and turn your back on him, ignore him, for a few minutes before resuming activity. do this every single time he bites. Cats do not like to be ignored and he will learn to stop himself from biting.

If he bites from over stimulation (when being petted) learn his signals, or time limit and stop petting before he gets to the biting point.
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Keep in mind he still has male hormones in his bloodstream for as much as a couple of months. Don't be surprised if he mellows out as that slowly dissapates.

But some cats are just not lap cats. Punkin was when he was younger, but he just slowly quit. I even remember the last time he sat in my lap. He settled down, then got a look on his face like he just remembered he had something else to do, and got down.

He DOES like to be near me, sometimes right next to me. And if I get up from my office chair, he gets up, too, and follows me out into the living room, hoping for some brushing or brooming.
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I'm sure it must be quite painful for a few days. Have you ever had an operation? Yikes! the older you get the longer they hurt for and the worse they hurt. Give him some time to adjust and if you see him licking himself a lot or behaving even more weird, rush him to the vet quickly.
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