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Bad news...

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Jacky just called me from the airport. They cannot find her kitten. They said she is not in cargo or the terminal. Jacky said she was on the plane to Houston but the Houston airport said they don't know anything. She is very upset. There is also a puppy missing from the same flight. I had to email the breeder so she can talk to Jacky. Let's hope everything turns out ok. I don't know how you can misplace animals like that. I hope no one took them. I feel really bad for her.
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Hope everything is okay
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Oh no, that's horrible!!! She must be so upset! Sending lots of that she's sitting safely somewhere patiently at the correct airport and will be found soon
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It is horrible! The breeders keeping me updated. She said the airports making calls to see what happened. I am scared for her. Poor little pets.
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I just got an email from the breeder. She said they think she may have missed the flight. Pretty bad if they have 2 pets missing their flight. They need to hire new crew if that's the case!!!
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They found her! That was scary. I hope they found that puppy as well.
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What a relief!!! Which city is she in??
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Sacramento. I guess they put her in a room and didn't bother to tell anyone which one. She had been sitting there since around 8:30 but she is fine and with Jacky now. Phewf!!!
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That's scary. I'm glad they found her safe and sound. How soon will Jacky be home with her?
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I'm glad too. Unfortunately, Jacky won't be home for another 1 1/2-2 hours. She had been waiting a while for her baby. I'm sure she will post as soon as she gets in.
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I'm glad she's been found

I've heard of a few missing pets, they always turn up - lack of communication most of the time it seems.
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I'm off to bed. Let's see what Jacky says when she gets in...
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Oh my God... what I scare! My heart just dropped to the floor... whew! Thank Goodness she was found! wow! poor kitty, and poor Jacky!
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OMG!!!! that is horrible sis, I'm so happy everything finally ended ok.
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Jacky -- looking forward to hearing that everything went well. What a shock!
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Thanks Everyone,
This was a mess and I now have a very bad headache.
We got to the Airport early and the guy says she will landat 8:24pm.
He said come back at 9:45pm.
We come back and they are acting strange.
Then they tell me and this other lady that our pets are missng.
They said they searched the plane and the baggage area and they are not there.
They seached the tarmac also.
I tell my sister to email her breeder my cell number because my emails were not going through.
I had forgot her phone number at home.
Her breeder calls me and I told her what happened.
At that time the agent is on the phone with Houston trying to find out what happened.
Her breeder calls Houston and they tell maybe she did not get on the plane and they will call her back.
I was very.
The puppy came from another state but they both came through Houston
The agent tells us he will not go home until they are found.
My husbad asks can we check the baggage area ourself.
They say they will check it again.
My Sphynx and the Sheltie are found in the corner of the room in the baggage area.
I tell them that guy needs to be in trouble for this.
He swore he looked and they were not there.
They say he will be written up for this.
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Awww Jacky deep breaths and big

How is the little angel?
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Glad they were found quickly. I know when Jack came - we went thru something similar. It was when Delta & Northwest were transfering ownership and the cat came in fine (with 2 other dogs) but they had them sitting at cargo in Lindburgh terminal (about 10 mins from the NW terminal on the other side). So after an hour of calling around, they had someone ride over to pick up the animals and get them checked in in NW cargo.
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Well I'm glad you finally got her home safe and sound - poor kitty and poor you Jacky!

I hope you've had a good sleep in today, and Wrinkled Velvet is settling in
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I so glad that she's safe and sound now.

Several years ago, we shipped one of our champion collie bitches to a top stud and the stud owner shipped her back to SFO. We went to pick her up and no Gena. We freaked. Hours later, they finally found her in her crate on a mail truck! We stopped shipping for years after that.
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Thanks Everyone,
We had a choice of Scramento,Sfo or San Jose.
My husband used to work at SFO for a Airline.
Martice I never knew about there being a problem for Jack.
esrandall2000,Sorry about your dog missing but I am glad he was found safe.
I hope to sow my new sphynx in the CFA show in San Jose but sheis TICA first.
he will be show at the Pleasanton TICA show for sure.
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