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sick kitten

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I have a kitten that I have been raising since it was a day or so old. He opened his eyes 3 days ago. (long story not for today)

He has had diarrhea since day one and We have tried EVERYTHING the vet has said to do.

We have diluted the KMR....we mix it with distilled water. added probiodics..He is not over eating.

He started having drops of blood in his stools today. And the vet had me start him on Albon b/c he thinks it may be parasitical. Its red blood so its not internal bleeding its being caused by the diarrea and aggrivation to his bowels.

He is well hydrated and up to today he has had good weight gain.

anyone have any suggestions? been through something similar?

Please keep our lil Chia in your thoughts and Prayers. We wil do ANYTHING to help him.

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You might try adding a little pumpkin to his KMR. Make sure it's the plain pumpkin, not pumpkin pie mix with spices. If it makes the KMR too thick, see if he'll lick it off your finger. For his size, he shouldn't need more than about a teaspoon a day.
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good Idea, I will buy some in the morning. THough if we add ANYTHING to his KMR he wont take it.

We are also just started giving him Vetri-DMG to boost his immune system.

I am worried he didnt get any colostrum
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Hey Mandie. I hope Chia gets the maximum help from Heaven
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He likes his pumpkin. still lil bits of blood when he poops.
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I had two orphaned kittens and one had awful diarrhea. They were on KMR and the vet thought it might be related to the milk. I changed to Just Born brand and the diarrhea cleared up.

I know if you feed them too much at one time that will cause runny stools. Maybe feed a little at a time and more often.

Hope it gets better soon.
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I had him on just born as thats all I could get and he had diarrhea then I ordered KMR online and slowly switched and it didnt improve or get worse.

according to his weight we are not feeding enough but vet said not to add any food since he has the diarrhea he thinks it will get worse if we give more. (it will)

we are worried he may have Fading Kitten Syndrome

He eats real good and with gusto...and just purrs and purrs.

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Little Chia is still with us has hit and miss diarrhea, We are underfeeding him but there is nothing else we can do. Our vet is baffled that he is still with us and gaining weight. I really think he is living off love. He thrives off of being cuddled and he is now so curious and Boy can the lil man purr!

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Ohhh, he is so sweet, I hope he continues to grow and gain weight.
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Oh MY! He just gets cuter!

I am so glad that he is still with you. Don't give up yet, he certainly hasn't!
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we wont give up
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I keep going back to his pics, he is so stinkin CUTE!
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Awww, bless his little heart, he is just adorable!
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how is he doing? I just got a kitty found in a warehouse. He is about 3 weeks old. A lot of the same concerns..and he looks just like yours! He had the bright red blood drops when he pooped, but that mostly subsided when I switched from Just Born to KMR and started the Albon. hope to hear from you!
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