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Gothic Amethyst Cat Photos as Promised!! :D

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Hello. Several people have been wanting to see some photos of my cats. I was gonna post them in a thread, but to save space and since I wanted a cat page on my site anyway, I just went ahead and put them on my website. Sorry it took so long...I know I said a few days, but Im trying to find a job and have been having to give away kittens. The copyright text is because I have had a problem in the past with people stealing photos of me, and didnt want that to happen to my kitties too. U guys get to be the first to see my new page. I have ALOT of updates to do and I will try to get clearer photos. I hope u enjoy! If u have any problems with my site loading or not finding the link to my cats, or any comments: post a message here, email, or send me a PM.

Go to my website(link below signature)and click on the cat shaped button on the bottom left.
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Her site is here: http://www.geocities.com/gothic_amethyst/1.html

Thanks for posting! It is amazing how fast cats can breed, isn't it? (from her paragraphs under the pics of the cats).
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can you post them here too. Your site never loads on my computer (which is kinda odd but i can't make it load )
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Love the kitten pictures! They are so sweet!
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Very cute kitties! (And cats). I like Smokey the Bear!

Tammie & Peaches
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Well I had to post photos sometime...I had too many people asking lol.
I just wish I could afford a digital camara so I could photograph them all!!
I know...that's why I put the paragraph there...hoping someone would learn something.
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if you can't get the main page to load try this


i just figued that the cat page would be called cats and it worked
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Sweet kitties! And very nice of you to take care of them.
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Ha hA...I'm predictable!!! LOL!!

U say u never get it to load...I've never had anyone mention that before...did u try refreshing?? If u get a box that pops up asking to debug like I do click yes. It doesnt hurt ur comp. I cant think of any other causes...hmm...wierd.
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it totally and completly jams my computer. I have to hit control alt delete. I don't know why, it is the only site that does it to me
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sorry it locks ur comp up...I hope that doesnt happen to anyone else...maybe u have a different comp or something. I think some sites require IE and others Netscape...atleast u got to see them after u figured the page was cats.
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Thanks for sharing!

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