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Does anyone have any suggestions for constipation besides pumpkin, olive oil, metamucil, and calling the vet?
My cat has had a couple of incidents with severe constipation. Once he required manual removal by the vet and he was so dehydrated and was not improving for over a week. He had lost about 5 lbs. The vet did an xray that showed two nodules on his intestine/colon area and I was sent to a specialist. The specialist did an ultrasound and was unable to determine what was wrong and suggested an expensive surgery to try to identify the problem, but could provide no guarantee that they would find a problem or the cause and the surgery would not fix anything, only possibly determine the problem. Due to finances, the surgery was not done and it was suggested by the vet that I have him put to sleep since he was so sick. The day I took him in to be put to sleep, she checked him one last time and he had gained a couple of pounds and was not constipated anymore, so he is still with us. It's been four months now and he has been doing fantastic, but I recently noticed minimal poop and urine in the litter box, he's not eating - not even the canned food - which he loves, he doesn't seem to be drinking much, he's not being as social as usual, his fur doesn't seem as vibrant and he seems to be losing weight above his hip bones again. What do I do?
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So very sorry he is having trouble again. Unfortunately with weight loss, not eating, poor fur....he needs to be seen by the vet.

You never know. A simple blood test again may shed some light as to his problems. Things may have changed from the last time and they may find something to treat. Members here have found this to be true.

Best of luck to you and you little guy.
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Vet is my suggestion

what is he eating>>? brand and type.. wet food often helps with this issue
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I am curious - when this happened, did the vet change his diet at all? It seems to me that he should been in an all wet diet after what happened... please don't wait to see the vet... you might be able to fix this before it is too late
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I feed him Science Diet canned and dry food, sensitive stomach.
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You need to get him to the vet right away. If he is not peeing this is a very serious, and fatal, issue. A male will die within 24 hours if his urinary tract is blocked.

As was mentioned alread blood work should be done also.

Chronic constipation causes megacolon. the only cure for megacolon is surgery. If you cat is not strong or healthy enough for surgery he should be put on a laxative/cisapride medication regimen to help keep his bowels moving.

the Laxative helps keep the stool soft, and the cisapride keeps the muscles in the intestines moving so the poop goes through.

How old is your kitty, and what's his name?

Welcome to the forum, and please keep us updated!
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This first happened in June and she had me increase the amount of canned food I was giving him. And it helped. I did take him to the vet today and he checks out fine, but she did say his coat seems dull, which was one of the signs to me that he could be getting sick again. She gave him an antibiotic and wants me to keep giving him the antibiotic through the weekend and nwe have a follow up appointment Monday.
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I think taking him to the vet to be safe is the number one thing to do to start with. If it is constipation again then I have a great suggestion for you. Has your vet ruled out megacolon.

What has the vet told you to use for constipation? I am guessing you have tried all the things that you mentioned in your post above? There is a tasteless odourless stool softner called Miralax (called PEG 3350 in Canada) that you can add into your cats wet food with a bit of water. He most likely will not even know it is in the food. This will definately help his stools become soft enough to pass. If his stools are soft and he is not passing them then you can add a motility drug called Cisapride. This helps the muscles in the colon push the stool out. My cat has megacolon and the stool softner lactulose stopped working for her. So I added in the Miralax and Cisapride and she now is regular. Miralax has been a life saviour to many cats that have been told by their owners vets to put them to sleep because there is nothing else they can do for them.

Another thing I would recommend is feed a grain free, low fibre (max 1 to 1.5% fibre content) canned food to your cat. And make sure your cat is drinking plenty of water. If it is a one time mild case of constipation then I would say add a bit of fibre to help move things along. But from my experience and many other people I have spoken to when a cat has more severe constipation/megacolon then the added fibre works against the cat. Because it enlarges the stool inside the colon and makes it harder for the cat to get the stool out. I feed my cat Wellness grain free, low fibre content and she has much smaller stools then if I feed her Nature's Variety Instinct canned which has 3% fibre content. Her stools were genormous when I would feed her this food so I stopped.

You can join this group that deals strictly with Constipation and megacolon in felines for some support and advice as well

Lots of info in the files/messages

Good luck!
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Just checking in for an update. Hope things are going better.

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I hope everything is much better now. I agree with Denali that feline site on yahoo is just amazing! The people on there are so much help! These members are all going through the same thing. I spend hours and hours trying to take it all in right now. As for the Miralax it's OTC now so it's pretty cheap and works wonders plus your cat won't even taste it! Hope everything is much better. Please keep us updated...good vibes coming your way!
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