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Scared of Feliway?

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I sprayed some Feliway spray on a cat bed because I was planning to use it for a cat show we are going to. Most of the cats seemed to like it but one of my cats, Spot, suddenly acted scared of it! I put the bed on the top of the fireplace which is one of Spot's favorite places to sleep. Later that night I tried to help Spot up onto the fireplace and he freaked out, clawed me and ran away. He acted like he was scared of that area! I put the bed in a basket to wash the Feliway off and when Spot walked past the basket in the hallway earlier he crept by as if he was afraid it was going to attack him. I've never heard of a cat being scared of Feliway before?
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I seem to recall some past posts on here from members who had cats that did not like it - both similar to your Spot's reaction and marking/upset behavior.

Every cat is different. Who knows what he thinks he's smelling. To him it may smell like a strange cat or another animal.
I'd wash it again and then put it up for a few days to a week. He may have forgotten the incident by then.
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Feliway is banned in our show halls for that reason, some cats do not react well to it at all.
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I know your story wasn't meant to be funny but it did give me a chuckle. That's cats for you! Try to do something nice for them but they wanted it their way!
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I'm a firm believer in the feliway plug in diffuser, but have never used the spray, nor have I ever recommended it (since I never sued it)

Now that I've read this I won't bother taking a chance on the spray ever! I love the Feliway plug in diffusers though.
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I SWEAR that the day I plugged in my diffuser was the day Dusty began his spraying. Almost right on top of the diffuser! I think if Feliway works for a cat, it really works. But if it doesn't - I don't think it's a matter of the cat just not responding. I believe it makes them think there is yet another strange cat in the household and they can become quite unhappy.

By the time I unplugged the thing, the habit was set, so we are working on that.

I plugged in back in the other day for Scaredy (and Mickey - that's for another thread), and there was pee in that room again. A gallon of it. Dusty just can't stand Feliway.
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One of our kitties is very grumpy toward her two sons, but she loves loves loves us. She cuddles with us, makes bread, purrrs...the whole bit. I tried spraying Feliway on her favorite pillow to help her mellow out with her boys, and she flat-out rejected it. Wouldn't even touch her pillow. Glared at it.

I washed the pillow and she still refused to sleep on it for months.

We have decided that Sparrow likes being grumpy, and resented our efforts at calming her nerves. So we've embraced her grumpiness and now she's all satisfied and content. just can't get them to do what you want. They're so independent!
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