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My uncles truck was stolen.

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This afternoon at about 4pm my uncles truck was stolen right from our driveway.

In broad daylight. With my uncle and my grandmother sitting right in the livingroom, watching.

A silver truck came down our street right before it happened. The truck was unfamailar and my grandmother noted that. We live on a dead end street so it's not often we see a car that doesn't look familiar. It went to the end of the street, turned around and stopped right infront of our driveway. Our driveway is a shared drive, it's big enough to park 8 or 9 vehicles. A guy got out and started walking to the back of the drive. My grandma and my uncle just figured it was for the neighbor who shares our drive. Until his truck comes tearing out of the driveway and down the street with the silver truck following it.

In broad daylight.

My uncle is deaf so he had my grandma call 911 right away while he went to go get the ownership and stuff for it, which ended up being in the truck anyway.

My sister was waiting at the bus stop to pick up our nephew, and she saw the truck roar by her. But she didn't know the truck was stolen at that point.

We only live about 3-4 blocks from the police station, but the guy still got away. They have cruisers out looking, but they haven't had any reports of seeing it.

The police say that almost all reports of stolen vehicles end up not really being found. That they are most often used to parts, or to commit a different crime, most often being set on fire afterwards.

But yeah. Some people have some serious guts to steal a vehicle in broad daylight, while two people sit right there. Whats the world coming to?
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Mine was stolen in broad daylight in front of an electronics store. We just assumed it went to Mexico, but it was found a few months later.
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I have a friend that had his new Suberban stolen a few years ago. It was parked the the parking lot of his FIL church!! They never did find it.
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I recently took a 911 call on a reckless driver. The car ended up being stolen, so you never know! I can't imagine stealing a car in broad daylight, but I suppose it doesn't take much time.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Mine was stolen in broad daylight in front of an electronics store. We just assumed it went to Mexico, but it was found a few months later.
My beloved 13 year old Honda Civic was stolen a year ago and I figured that its parts were scattered between California and who-knows-where. Last month I received a phone call from the San Jose police department to say my car had been found intact in front of some apartments. They towed it to the AAA graveyard for stolen cars and I subsequently received a list of all the items they found inside of it. ALL of my personal property: yoga mat, gym bag, clothes, exercise equipment and dry cat food was still in the car and I got them all back exactly one year later!

The universe works in strange ways!
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We had 2 cars stolen in 6 months while we were living in Kansas City. One of them was recovered months later, stripped. They never did find my Caprice, a former police car. I loved that car, too.
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I had a friend who ran inside to a Sheetz and had her car stolen. Granted it was partially her fault because she left it running in front of the store but still who walks up to a car and steals it while at a crowded gas station. They found her car in Harrisburg within a week but now shes fighting in a court case because even though there is security tapes and what not the kids are fighting tooth and nail (15 and 14 yr old boys) so they wont go to jail. She cant collect restitution or anything till the court case is settled. Fortunatly the state will pay the whole sum once everything is done but till then shes in limbo..Im anal now that I have my car back because Im petrified someone will steal it and I cant afford another car and nor will I find another 100 dollar car that runs and looks like a couple thousand dollar car.....Argh people these day have some cojones (sp?)
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what awful...
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Well, found out what happened.

Try to make a long story short here.

About three years ago, my cousin bought a Ford F250 from a used car dealership. He paid cash, therefore paying off the whole truck then and there. He had a problem with it, and took it back there to be fixed.
He kept having problems with it. Right after he took it to be fixed, something else would go wrong with it.

Shortly after that, he bought my uncle a Chevy Silverado from the same dealership. This was one was one a lease to own. It was in my uncles name, but my cousin was making the payment, and my uncle worked for my cousin. The truck was paid off in full almost a year ago.

Then my cousin had another problem with his F250, but this time refused to pay for it, because he felt that they were the ones causing the problems to begin with. He took it to a mechanic and hasn't had problems since. But he still refused to pay for the last trip to the dealership.

So, instead of taking it out on my cousin, who owns the truck that was involved in this whole mess, the people from the dealership came and repossessed my UNCLE'S truck.
My cousins friend saw it sitting in the lot yesterday morning.

My cousin called his lawyer, and he said what they did was illegal, both trucks were completely paid off, so they had no right taking his truck, or either for that matter. That it should have went to collections or whatever.

So they have started to take legal action and will be going to court soon.

Makes me feel a little better, knowing that it wasn't just some creep off the street.
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I could picture the dealership doing a mechanics lien on the Ford but not the Chev.

Boy someone really messed up!! I hope your uncle get his vehicle back soon.
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For what it's worth, if you leave your car running in this area, you'll be lucky if all you get is a traffic ticket (which WILL be reported to your insurance company). If your car is stolen, and you left it running, you may be responsible for at least some of the cost of the car and some of the damage it may cause.
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So- the vehicle itself was paid off, but they repossessed it because he didn't pay the repair bill? I'm confused! That's nuts. I can see if he refused to pay the actual vehicle payments, but how can they repo it when it was the repairs he didn't pay for?
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Repairs on a completely DIFFERENT truck. The repairs were for the F250, not the Silverado, which was the one they took.

He got the truck back yesterday. I don't know if it was the lawyer or what, but they gave it back and he got the set of keys they had too, so it won't happen again.
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