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Eye question

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I've been busy lately & haven't been around much. But my Smokey is still haning in there (17 & diagnosed with CRF in Nov of 2001). She does have cataracs that seem to be progressing quickly as I believe that she doesn't see much except movement. However, yesterday when I got home her eye was watering. I didn't see anything that looked like an infection just a watery eye. It went away & she was fine the rest of the night until this morning right after breakfast I noticed her eye had started to water again. She has no other signs or symptoms of being sick. I'm wondering if this is conjunctivitis, or maybe just a complication of the cataracs? Any ideas?
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It sounds like a possible irritant or an allery to something she came into contact with.
I would have the vet take a look and see if it really is cataracts that might be causing the problem, or it could also be a few different problems or complications from the cataracts.
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When my cat, Midnight, (deceased) was 13 years old she developed a film over both eyes that we thought was cataracts. Unfortunately, when Midnight was seen by the vet, the condition was diagnosed as glaucoma. I agree that you should have your vet examine Smokey's eyes.
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I asked a friend of mine who just finished writing a book about Senior Cat care here is her response:

As for the watering eyes kitty -- cataracts can lead to eye inflammation and THAT can lead to glaucoma--very very painful! I'd watch this closely, and if it recurrs, have the vet check her out. There's some medication that can help control the inflammation.

Amy will be here July 1-15th in a special forum set up for questions about health concerns for elderly cats. Maybe you could stop by and talk with her, she will be hosting the forum.
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Thanks so much for your responses. I never thought about glaucoma. The last time she was at the vet he said she had the start of cataracs. That was in February. She is do for a check up in a month or so, I'm keeping an eye on it & if it's a problem I will take her in sooner. I feel bad for her because she has had CRF & I can tell she has arthritis & now the cataracs.
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Just a quick update for everyone. Whatever was wrong with Smokey's eye has stoped. I'm wondering if she just doesn't blink enough & is getting more in her eyes. At any rate she is hanging in there & if it was some sort of allergy that should be better too now that I have my window airconditioner in. thanks again for your advice.
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Glad to hear it! Smokey doesn't need anymore problems and neither do you!
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