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ANTM discussion anyone! (spoilers possibly)

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Sooo Im a reality tv junkie!! And Im obsessed with ANTM so tonight is the second episode of the season!! Anyone else watching!

I hope Bianca goes home I dont like her! Too much like Nnenna
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I don't watch it but I am hoping Sundai goes far... She is from my city and I have to root for the hometown girl!
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I love her shes one of my favs..Her and Rae...I was extremely disappointed because I was rooting for the cheerleader too but unfortunatly Bianca is still around..Ughhhh why does Tyra give these snotty girls chances over and over again cant she tell her mouth just isnt going to stop! Its like shes looking for another Jade/Nnenna combo!!!
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I watch the show, but I record it and watch it later so I may not look at the thread until a day or two later.

I agree, Bianca should have been eliminated. Her pictures were a lot worse than Courtney's. I guess Courtney just said the wrong words - she should have stopped with "I was mad".

I can't imagine that Bianca will be around much longer. Her pictures are junk, and her attitude with the people she works with is even worse.
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I really liked Rae, she was great. We'll see how she goes away from her daughter. I like the cheerleader too - I thought "cheerleader urghh", but she seems to have a pretty good attitude. Why do all the super awkaward ones have amazing photos??
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It must be something in how "fashion photos" are all those akward out of place angles type stuff...Who knows what goes thru those peoples heads! I just love Miss Jay though and have been known to see something or be in a conversation with someone and just stop wag my finger and go "thats ffffiiiieeeerrccceee darhlin" LMAO! WalMart seems to be the most common occurance for this to happen! Geez Im weird!! I cant wait for next week to find out what happens Im still bummed that Im missing One Tree Hill because of work..Arghhh
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