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Sophie's finally feeling better!

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Well, this is a bit of a long story, but ever since Sophie turned 8-9 years old, she's been havng some digestive issues. She kept vomiting up her wet food, and eventually we had to stop giving it to her. She's been losing weight pretty steadily over the last year or so, and on her last vet appointment (Aug 18th), she weighed 4.8 pounds. However, we started her on some new meds to help soothe her digestive tract and she's back on an appetite stimulant. Yesterday I was eating some pastine with parm cheese and I couldn't get her off me! She was crawling all over me, like she used to, and when I gave her a tiny shred of cheese she scarfed it down. She's been purring up a storm lately, even for my dad. I was so worried that she might not make it through the month. It's so great to see her acting fiesty again, like she used to. I don't think she'll gain a lot of weight before she goes back to the vet on Monday, but if this keeps up, she'll be back up to her healthy weight before the year is over, I hope.
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I'm glad she's feeling better!

Now you HAVE to post pics! lol
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Thanks. Yeah, I'll have to see if I can get a good shot of her now, and then once she gains back the weight. She's so small, she feels like a kitten when you pick her up. O-O I used to think of her as travel-sized. XD
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Originally Posted by Faerian View Post
Thanks. Yeah, I'll have to see if I can get a good shot of her now, and then once she gains back the weight. She's so small, she feels like a kitten when you pick her up. O-O I used to think of her as travel-sized. XD
I was worried about my cat because she's really skinny and doesn't gain much weight. She doesn't have worms though... she's only 5 months and still growing, I guess she's just naturally thin. But my kitty isn't much of an eater... unless she wants my cereal... then she just slurps it up... and uh oh, milk isn't good for them... but she doesn't have a bad reaction to it so its a daily treat

What color is Sophie? Ah, that's just a cute name!
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Thanks. Sophie's gray with green eyes, though they look amber in some lights and from some angles. Squirrel has the same eyes, though I think they're more yellow-green than hers.

Sophie's inspected my cereal a few times when I have it, but she usually just sniffs it a bit and curls up on my lap. If I have cheese, meat, gravy, or pastry though, then I need to watch out!
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Sounds like some one is getting her appetite back. Great to hear. I can only imagin what it must be like to see your cat not being herself and slowly loosing wait (terryifying) But now shes getting better thats great news. I say it's time to crack open the tuna
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Tell me about it. She's so fragile now, she can barely jump up on my lap most days. I've resorted to carrying her up and down the stairs when she's following me to bed or getting up in the morning. She's very out of it, we think the appetite stimulant might be too strong for her right now, or she's getting too big a dosage. But she was purring up a storm this morning. I think she's trying to tell me that she's not quite ready to leave us yet, that she's willing to fight whatever this is that's hurting her.
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We just gave her some canned food a couple of hours ago. It's by the same company as her dry food, and it's the same formula, so we knew it shouldn't upset her tummy too much if at all. My mom gave her a nice heaping spoonful, and she ate about half of it. We're going to give her some more in an hour or so, though not as much as last time. It was so good to see her wolf it down like she used to! She seems to be feeling a bit better now that she has some food in her tummy again. -keeps fingers crossed-
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-sigh- Sophie's digestive issues have come back. She's still eating somewhat, but she went to the vet on Monday and she weighs only 3.4 pounds now! We're going to try something over the weekend, but the vet is at her wits end. If this doesn't work, then we have to put her to sleep. I hate to say it, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately, mainly because I hate to see her suffering like this. She seems to have just...given up. My mom and I both cry at the thought of it.

I gave her a bath earlier and she was so fragile, it was like I was holding a skeleton. I can hardly recognize her now, compared to the way she used to be.
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I'm so sorry this is happening to you and Sophie, sweetie. I dearly hope something works out!
Alister and I send our love to you and little Sophie.
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Thanks so much. I wish she could just eat and gain some weight, but it's apparently more complicated than that. I talked to the vet today. She seems pretty sure that it's Lymphoma, and since the only treatment for that is chemotherapy, we have to decide tonight what we're going to do. Chemo really isn't an option, as we're not entertaining the the idea of surgery even for an instant. We know she'd never come back once she's under.
When she looks at me, she just seems so tired, like she's asking me why we keep trying to save her.
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We had Sophie x-rayed yesterday while she was the vet for some more fluids. They didn't really show anything out of place, except maybe a small area of the intestines that looked a bit thicker than the others. Sophie vomited a record-breaking (for her anyway) 4 times last night. But she seems to be feeling a little better this morning. She was eating some more dry food, and she ate a little wet food. We're not going to make any decisions until tomorrow, and I'm not getting my hopes up too much yet, but she may be starting to turn around. -keeps fingers crossed it stays this time-
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