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Curiousity questions.

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So after reading all these threads about aggressive behavior and peeing problems Ive got some questions of my own....
1) Hercules is getting fixed on the 26th. There have been some random spurts of, what to me looks like rough housing, but could be deemed aggressive actions where Hercules will stalk and "attack" Fatman. When he doesn this it does not look malicious it looks like play his ears are up and and his tail is playful flinging not twitchy flicking. After he gets fixed will this stop? Its not that it causes any injuries between the two I think Hercules is just trying to get Fatman to play with him.

2) Is it true that if you do not have a problem with spraying in unsexed male and then you get them fixed could it instigate a spraying/peeing problem because of the loss of hormones? *This is something Ive heard word of mouth.

3) Is Hercules going to become a fat cat? Granted Ive got a weird obsession with fat cats but I dont want him to become unhealthy by gaining too much weight after surgery. He doesnt eat treats or anything like that but every once in a while he will get a little unseasoned chicken or hamburger but he rarely snacks on anything. He is currently a very sleek muscular cat who is remarkably LAZY!!!!! The only time he plays or runs is when GiGi is "attacking" him or when he stalks Fatman. But other than that he sleeps either in bed or in our baywindow. Ive tried toys and stuff but he could care less about playing he doesnt even like catnip!

4) I plan on getting GiGi fixed at the end of next month or beginning of Nov. Is there anything I should prepare myself for in the event of her surgery and what will happen to her personality or body post op. I know the vets will tell me some of this stuff but Id prefer to hear if from people who have experianced this stuff first hand with their own babies that they have love time and emotional attachment invested in.

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1) No, this behavior will not likely change. This sounds very much like cat play behavior.

2) No, this is not true at all. The opposite is most often the case - if a male has been spraying before being neutered, as the hormones cycle out of his system, if he's young enough (meaning the behavior has not been instilled in him) he will usually stop spraying. There is absolutely no truth to what you heard - whoever you heard it from had it backwards.

3) He will become a fat cat if you allow him to overeat. You say he is lazy. Neutering will not affect this one way or another. Neutering a cat does not affect their motivation to play, nor does it affect their metabolism. It simply makes them less aggressive, less territorial, and reduces their risk of things like prostate cancer.

4) Post-op her activity level will need to be monitored. You will have to monitor the spay site for infection, and she cannot be allowed to overgroom it. Some licking of the site is normal. Some cats freak on the stitches and try to remove them. But it won't change her personality or her physique. Well - again - it will change how her personality develops, in that she will not be a freak in heat, she will not incessantly meow or try to escape when in heat, and she will be less territorial than she would otherwise be.

Bottom line? All spaying and neutering really do is calm them down, make them less aggressive toward other cats (because an intact male will get aggressive around a female in heat) - and the hormones cycling out of their system will cause them to be less territorial than they would otherwise be. It makes them happier pets without that territory and procreation drive - and sterilization has potential long term health benefits for both males and females - and it doesn't change their personalities.

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LDG your amazing!! Thank you for replying back and being reassuring that my babies arent going to be drastically effected by these procedures!
*You wouldnt happen to have any experiance with Benebac? I got some today for Herc and GiGi and their runny poo problem. They got their first dose today but the label isnt very specific on how many times to give it to them. Ive given them both one dose already today and they licked it off their paws they werent interested when I had it on my finger.*
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I don't know Benebac - have you tried searching the health forum under that search term? I know I've heard of it, and others have experience with it - but the only runny poos we ever had here were due to worms (all of our cats are feral rescues) - and once we knocked those out, the runny poo stopped.

But search in the health forum, and if you don't turn up anything, start a thread that has "benebac" somewhere in the subject line and I expect you'll hear something back. ???
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I did both...In the search nothing came up except suggestions to use Bene-Bac. Im going to try and get ahold of CarolinaLima. Ive repeatedly read that she uses it on one of her cats, hopefully she can give me some insight.
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...but I know you're nervous about your babies... and it's a long drive... but they'll be fine. A LOT of us get nervous before we get our babies spayed or neutered - doesn't matter how often you go through it. We're all obsessed with our babies, right? The day before you go, start a thread in the health forum, and you'll get some vibes sent your babies' way when it's time!

The boys will recover quicker - it's much less traumatic for them. The spay is actually a surgery, so she will need some time to recouperate. Our girls didn't feel like doing much the first few days. But as long as you don't let her pick at the stitches. Some cats really bug about them, and you may need one of those cone collars - others have adapted one of those baby jumpers - but that really is not the norm. Our girls all left them pretty much completely alone. As you're going to a clinic, they'll most likely use dissolving stitches, so you won't need to take her anywhere to get them removed. Just make sure you ask - and do make sure you ask ANY questions you have while you're there!
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About the Bene-Bac - good idea.
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