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Kitten UTI

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I have a 5 month old kitten who over the past couple of days seemed to be very lethargic, not grooming, and not being herself. Yesterday, she peed in her little bed/jungle gym, and also peed on the floor a couple days prior. Her box is always clean, and she only does it when I leave the house so I attributed it to her being unhappy about me leaving. I decided to make a vet appointment for this morning just to be one the safe side! Almost immediately after that she started having diarrhea, and I was very glad I made that appointment! This morning she puked liquid onto the carpet.

I took her for her appointment. She was running a slight fever and the vet said it seems to be a UTI and that the infection could cause her to vomit and have diarrhea. He gave her IV fluids as well [with a medication to help the vomitting/diarrhea], and dewormed her again since she was due. He took labs which he said will be back in the morning and he will call me. He said it seems to be a UTI but the only way to confirm is through the blood work. He gave me Clavamox for antibiotic and Flagyl for vommiting/diarrhea. He said when the results come in tomorrow, if its something other than a UTI we will have to take a different route etc.

Now being a paranoid cat mommy, I cant wait to hear from him. I know only HE can tell me for sure since he has the results but I was wondering what this sounds like to you all. Does this sound like a UTI? She has all her shots, is completely an indoor cat, etc.

Any info would be appreciated, my stomach is in knots!
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Honestly, I have no idea but a UTI isn't confirmed through a blood test. It's confirmed through a urinalysis and then a culture if bacteria is present, otherwise it's FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease). It sounds to me like a upper respiratory infection, or URI, not UTI.

My Scotty has chronic urinary tract issues, and he's never had diarrhea, even when he was fully blocked. He did lose weight and was lethargic, but only when he was in a full-blown UTI with blockage.

Either way, your baby is in the care of a vet and hopefully he can figure it out. Good luck!!
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Of course you are very worried, it can be so scary when our cats are sick. And kittens are so delicate, their health can deteriorate rapidly. Good for you for getting her to the vet.

As mentioned, UTI is diagnosed through urinalysis, not blood work. But you've got her on the antibiotc, she's ben hydrated, so she should be okay. Be sure to give her all the medication, until it's all gone.

UTIs can be nasty things to get rid of, and if the antibiotic is not given long enough they come back even stronger.

Clavamox can upset her tummy so give it with a little food. If she stops eating, starts vomiting, it may be she is having trouble with the clavamox, in which case call the vet to get her on a different antibiotic.

What's your kitten's name? If you need help getting the medicine into her, just ask!

Please keep us posted.
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He called me and told me her blood work looks GREAT! Her white blood count is only a little elevated, 1,300 I believe he said. Everything else is 100% fine! He said it probably is just a slight UTI which I caught early. The diarrhea stopped almost immediately after she got home from vet [her first poo was solid!]. She is acting like herself again, GROOMING and being her little crazy self. She seems okay taking the meds, not loving it but she tolerates. Im also having to put trasaderm in her ears for some yeast, I think that's been more of the issue. Im very happy, she looks SO much better, so im sure she will be fine after all meds are gone

Also, any tips on teeth brushing and a good brush/paste or products to use?? Her gums were a little inflamed so I need to start! She barely lets me look into her mouth though so any tips would be very helpful!

This is JADE, my baby

& this is how she looked at the vet yesterday

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Aww....Jade is a darling.

For the teeth brushing. First, you need an enzymatic toothpaste called c.e.t. You can get it at your vet. There are other cat and dog toothpastes out there, but they are basically useless.

You need an enzymatic toothpaste that breaks down bacteria, and that is the c.e.t.

Start by getting her used to you touching her mouth. At the same time each day that you will be doing the tooth brushing (I do my cats at night, before bed) hold her in your lap or in the "pilling position" (kneel on floor, cross your knees behind you, and have her between your knees facing out)

(wash your hands first) rub your finger along her mouth. Most cats like this anyway. After you rub her mouth on both sides, put a little toothpase on her mouth or paw for her to lick off, so she begins to assoicate the taste of the paste (most cats like it) with the mouth rubbing.

Just getting the c.e.t into the mouth helps, though actual contact with tooth and gum is better of course.

After a few days of this, use a little more pressure, to part the lips so you are rubbing your finger along her gum line instead. Continue with the taste of c.e.t after.

Then start doing that with a bit of the c.e.t. on your finger. Rub the paste directly onto her gums and back teeth. You can gradually switch to a soft brush if you want, I've always just used my finger. It's the c.e.t doing the work, not the brushing, so a brush really isn't needed, unless you find it easier.

Let us know how it goes!
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Jade is absolutely beautiful!!! What eyes!!! Glad she's feeling better - and I'm going to try that CET routine myself.

You're a good meowmy!
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