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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, September 16th!

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Good morning! I'm back from my meeting this morning, but they scheduled another one at 2pm. What a waste of my day off!

Here's today's Question Of The Day.

How many traffic lights and stop signs are there on your way to work or school?

I have 4 traffic lights, and 2 stop signs. If I leave early enough in the morning, the traffic lights are still flashing, and it takes half as long to get to work!

Sorry about the dumb question. I seem to be experiencing a QOTD mental block lately. I you have any questions that I can ask....feel free to PM me!
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Okay, let's see....

On the way to school there are 3 traffic lights and no stop signs. Takes about 7 minutes with moderate traffic.

On the way to work (at least the route I take most often) there are 9 traffic lights and one stop sign. Route number 2 there are 5 traffic lights and 2 stop signs. Takes about 12 minutes either way.
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Since I'm not working or schooling I'll do a couple different ones:

Home to Walmart: 2 stops signs, railroad tracks and 1 stoplight.
Home to Grocery store: 6 stop signs
Home to kids school: 5 stop signs.
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Great Question... I mean I never thougth about it...
At least 8 ligths....
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I walk down to the river (staying inside the resort park) and there's work.
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Hmmm...11 lights, one stop sign, in a 20-25 minute drive (~14 km)
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Hmmm, I only live 5-10min from school and I take the back roads sooo.... about 8-9 stop signs and 3 stop lights. The school is filled with stop signs! Going to the barn I have a lot more!!! lol
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One set of lights which is for the kids crossing to get to school
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I'm a stay at home mom so no stop lights for me. My kids walk to school, it's about 3 blocks away.....straight shot up the street and I think there are 2 stop signs ...maybe 3.
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none for me because i work literally round the corner from where i work
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Between my house and the town center there are 2 stop lights...You have to keep in mind however I live in a pretty small town and all totalled for the whole thing we have 4 stop lights all together.
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When I was a university student (way back in the olden days) at one time the commute involved 20 stoplights, one blinker, and a stop sign.

Since I also do not work or go to school I will include my trip to WalMart. One RR crossing (no signal so treated like a 4 way stop), one stop sign, and one traffic light.
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hmmm.... 5 stop signs and 4 stop lights. I hope by next summer to be the proud owner of a kayak so I will only have 3 stop signs and a small body of water to cross on my way to work.
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1 stop sign, 3 traffic lights. I can be to work in under 5 minutes, even if I catch the lights.
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Seems I missed some lights in my earlier tally. On my drive to work, I found myself saying "OOPS, didn't get that one!" four times -- one a regular traffic light, the other three pedestrian-triggers, i.e. stop sign at the cross street, with a flashing green for through traffic, until a pedestrian pushes the button.
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My uni is about 15 minute drive away and the route we go there is just one set of lights.

If I catch the train and then walk it would probably be about 10.
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