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In case your vet didn't tell you, it is very important that the FLUTD cat eat only the prescription c/d multicare.

Feeding any other food, including treats, will interfere with the food being able to do it's job correctly, which is to prevent your boy from forming any more crystals.
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
I just want to thank Otto for sharing his experience, and Sharky for her time and energy in answering food questions. My vet just recommended Science Diet CD for my boy due to crystal formation, and I'm going with the recent advice - I do trust my vet and don't feel she's suggesting prescription for any reason other than health for my cat. We're going to try and then see what happens at our one month check-up. But I don't care what's in the food, as long as it helps my cat and he'll eat it.
You're welcome! I'm a "she" though "otto" came from the first letters of my two oldest cats: Ootay and Tolly. Ootay is gone now, so I'm glad I used part of her name in my username!

I think you are making a very wise decision.
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Hi, Otto - and sorry about the gender confusion!!! But what a beautiful way to honor your kitties....

I am very happy that, if Dante were going to develop crystals, for whatever reason, I was home and was able to notice his actions in the box. Both vets told me they didn't think he'd been overly uncomfortable, but that it was extremely good luck to be able to catch it relatively early. My poor guy - he's lost a few pounds since I got him 3 years ago, but he could lose a little more - vet's going to help me figure out portion sizes as we go along the next month. And I'm glad I have enough money to buy the recommended food (although not that much more than a lot of the mid to premium petstore brands, I think)...sure, mom doesn't need a new raincoat this fall!

Oh, well, the upside is that I'll hopefully make more new friends at the front desk when I pick the food up - although the practice has been great at getting me in promptly whenever I called, and I am the most nervous mommy you can imagine.
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